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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by thanatoid, Oct 7, 2008.

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    > I'm currently running a Windows XP system, and my sound
    > card is a Creative Sound Blaster PCI512. I'm using Logitech
    > desktop speakers with a sub-woofer. The sound is okay, but
    > I'm wondering if I can get better sound with different
    > speakers or a different sound card. The sound card has been
    > in my system since I built it nearly four years ago. All of
    > the music I listen to is .mp3 ripped at at least a bitrate
    > of 192. Is there a way to notice a difference with an
    > upgrade of speakers or sound card? Are the Bose computer
    > speakers any good? Thanks.

    From a recent post of mine in another group:

    I'm not a technician, but I don't believe (aside from things
    like "crappy tinny sound", "boomy muddy sound", or "limited
    frequency response" etc. etc.) ANY speaker (or device used as
    one, you can hook up a transducer to a chair and you /will/ hear
    "sound") is made "for" anything in particular as far as content
    - which of course is not the same as saying most people wouldn't
    rather get a pair of Castle speakers for their HiFi rather than
    a pair of 3" computer speakers.

    Bose, who /used/ to make great speakers 20-30 yrs ago but IMO
    will be remembered (and *should be* reviled) in audio history
    for inflicting on us the abomination commonly referred to as
    "home theater audio system" (i.e. a crappy subwoofer and 3 to 7
    2.5" or 3" crap "voice range" speakers - of course 'they' claim
    they reproduce everything above the subwoofer range, but they're
    just shitty tweeters in disguise, not unlike typical "computer
    speakers" - are an exception by design. Why people buy that
    garbage is beyond me. Then again, I never saw Star Wars or ET or
    Top Gun or Lord of the Rings, and I use my DVD player almost
    exclusively to play mp3's, so maybe I just "don't get it".

    Additional detail:

    My DVD is plugged into an almost 20-year old Sony mini system
    (made in /Japan/, from when they were new and pretty damn good,
    the cassette deck even has Dolby B/C) driving a pair of 15 year-
    old $1,000 ProAc Tablette speakers. You can of course get a pair
    of some esoteric speakers for $20,000 but they won't sound
    /that/ much better. But almost any pair of speakers which cost
    between $300-600 new will make you realize what horrors you've
    been inflicting upon your ears with "computer speakers".

    The Bose 'subwoofer and satellites' idea which everyone has
    adopted and which you now see everywhere started off as an
    "invisible sound solution" for small restaurants. That should
    give you an idea of the sound quality it provides.

    Additional for you:

    Your sound card is fine although there are better ones which
    professional musicians use and which you can find if you look
    around, but they will cost you plenty.

    Creative bought out E-MU ( who were a very
    good synthesizer maker in the 70's and 80's. They have a basic
    (latest technology of course, not one from a 76' synth) E-MU
    chip in all their sound cards. Unless you are under 40 and with
    advanced musical sensibility, you probably will not be able to
    hear much difference - which is mainly due to better quality of
    the rest of the electronics in the really expensive sound cards.
    But show me one person who can HEAR the difference between a
    99.5dB and 101dB S/N ratio and I'll give you $100.

    Any subwoofer sold as a computer accessory should have its guts
    removed and be used for gardening purposes. The 2" "full range
    satellite" speakers are only useful if you want to drive your
    pet crazy by tying something almost weightless - yet annoying -
    to its tail.

    You will get vastly superior sound if you buy a /real/ stereo
    system and use the line output of whatever your sound card is
    and plug into "line in". (MD in, CD in, DVD audio in, etc.-
    they're all the same except 'phono' which uses a preamp and is
    ONLY for phonographs AKA turntables.)

    In fact, you will get much better sound by spending $20 at a
    garage sale on a 20 or 40 year old used stereo with 2-way (3-
    ways are usually inferior) speakers which have some weight.
    Decent brands are better, of course, but even a 20 year old
    Radio Shack system will beat the Chinese plastic pants off what
    is sold in computer stores.

    You will need a 1/8" stereo to 2 x RCA connector cable. If the
    stereo has no "line out" you will need to use the headphones
    output and a 1/8" - 1/8" or 1/4" cable (there are adapters for
    $3, and many headphones come with one in the box). It works
    fine, BION. You will probably have to turn up the volume to
    about 50%-80% for the sound card to get a decent level, so be
    careful about your ears and speakers.

    The cable will also work in reverse (IF you change where the
    connectors are plugged in of course :) for recording /from/ the
    stereo's "line out" - whatever the source may be - FM, AM, LP's,
    cassettes. Even a CD which has some bizarre copy protection and
    /could/ **** up your computer (although I haven't heard of those
    for a while) can be recorded like that with surprisingly little
    quality loss (you're going D - A - D instead of D - D, that's

    Go to a real audio store, get shielded Gotham cable and Neutrik
    connectors and have the technician make you the cable the length
    you need. Don't waste your money on anything like Monster Cable
    or other snob-appeal crap.

    Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the
    votes decide everything.
    - Josef Stalin
    thanatoid, Oct 7, 2008
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    §ñühwØ£f, Oct 11, 2008
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