Re: PS voltages?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Blinky the Shark, May 6, 2008.

  1. Sarah Houston wrote:

    > If I boot up and go into the BIOS and check the "system health" stuff in
    > there, it's showing that my power supply voltages are a little lower than
    > spec and floating, i.e. they appear to be below regulation voltage.

    What power supply did you buy?


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    Blinky the Shark, May 6, 2008
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  2. Blinky the Shark

    w_tom Guest

    On May 5, 6:47 pm, Sarah Houston <> wrote:
    > They should be in regulation though, right? Not floating?
    > Do they put voltage regulators in these things?

    Normal is to have a defective power supply that boots the computer.
    Then strange failures occur months later. An example of why
    shotgunning does not provide useful conclusions. Also a good power
    supply can boot one computer but not boot another. Another problem
    with swapping parts. Voltages (numbers) find defective hardware
    before that hardware causes failures.

    Not posted are numbers meaning replies are incomplete. Remember -
    your replies will only be as useful as numbers provided.

    That measuring software is dependent on hardware calibration. It is
    called a monitor - intended to detect changes - not measure voltage.
    To measure voltage, that hardware must first be calibrated with a 3.5
    digit multimeter.

    All voltages must remain well in spec when under almost no load and
    when under maximum load. In spec even when AC voltage drops so low
    that incandescent lamps are at less than 50% intensity. Power supply
    must compensate for all those and also contains a long list of other
    functions (that are not relevant here). It is a regulator and many
    other things.

    Measure that voltage as described in "When your computer dies
    without warning....." starting 6 Feb 2007 in the newsgroup at:
    Connector chart to locate each color:

    What are valid spec numbers? Numbers will be different due to how
    hardware measures voltages. Numbers must exceed 3.23, 4.87, and
    11.7. Numbers below this would explain current or future problems
    that appear to be completely different. Problems in any of numerous
    power system components. System? Yes. Power supply is only one
    component. Just another reason why measuring those voltages reports
    on so many items in so little time.
    w_tom, May 9, 2008
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