Re: profile copying issue with windows xp

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Ian A., Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Ian A.

    Ian A. Guest

    "Drew" <> wrote in message
    > Hi All:
    > I'm using Windows XP Pro with SP1.
    > On this machine, I have three usernames created: all, drew (myself),
    > and test. All three I've got set as administrative accounts.
    > When I installed all the software, configured windows etc. for this
    > computer, I did it under my drew username.
    > So, I'd like to simply copy the 'drew' profile over the top of the
    > 'all' profile. All is what all patrons at a library are going to use
    > to log onto the computer.
    > All was originally a roaming profile. I changed it to local in an
    > effor to be able to overwrite it. I made the test logon just so that
    > I wouldnt' be logged onto the profile that I was copying from or to.
    > However, when I'm logged on to test (and drew too for that matter), if
    > I highlight the 'drew' profile under the Advanced/User Profiles area
    > of My Computer, the Copy To button immediately is greyed out and thus
    > I can't copy. I've also noticed that it does the same if I highlight
    > test. However, if I highlight All, Copy To stays available and it
    > looks as though it would allow me to do this, though that's not the
    > copy I'm wanting to do.
    > The 'all' profile was originally created as a 'roaming' profile. I do
    > see that there is a c:\profiles\all folder on the hard drive. But
    > there is also an All (not All Users) profile folder under Documents
    > and Settings. I'm not sure what this means as far as how the profile
    > is working, but I don't think c:\profiles should matter since I've
    > switched the 'all' user to a local profile.
    > Does anyone have an idea on why I can't copy the 'drew' profile to the
    > 'all' profile?
    > Thanks!
    > Drew

    I believe that it has to do with security.

    Everyone that logs onto that computer gets their own security identifier.
    Tied to the SID that is issued, are user specific profile settings that
    cannot be divorced from that SID. As a result you can't overwrite that users

    On a network or local system, if you created a new user and copied someone
    else's profile you could possibly gain access to resources you aren't
    supposed to.

    Ian A., Jul 21, 2003
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