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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Wolfgang Weisselberg, May 15, 2013.

  1. Alfred Molon <> wrote:

    > Anyway, how much faster would an i7 compared to the Core 2 Duo P8600 be?

    That depends on the program and data used, as the CPUs don't
    simply increase the speed (more MHz, blanket speed increase),
    but also efficiency: less cycles needed for a given operation
    --- this varies a lot by the operation looked at, the quality
    of the branch predictor, and thus by the program and data used
    to compare. (This can be even more complicated if you compare
    Intel and AMD: in some disciplines one is quite faster, in
    others the other one is. Here are some various benchmarks
    between AMD's octocore and some i5 and an i7:

    Oh, and there's compiling for the extra CPU capabilities
    instead of using only basic instruction sets, in specific
    circumstances that can give quite a speed boast --- but
    unless you're compiling the stuff yourself you'll probably
    won't get these optimisation. (And then there's how well
    opimizing the compiler is for your specific CPU, now and in
    See here for an example how 2 good compilers aren't equal:

    Then there's the fact that your i7 won't be faster while you're
    typing text into notepad (it's waiting for you all the time),
    but may be vastly faster crunching numbers --- and the same i7
    may be much slower on image manipulation than an identical i7
    with a different graphics card (which the image manipulation
    program uses to speed up some operations).

    But if you want a single, unreliable number:
    Intel Core2 Duo P8600 @ 2.40GHz 1633
    Intel Core i7 620UM @ 1.07GHz 1577
    [more i7's in raising performance] :
    Intel Core i7-3970X @ 3.50GHz 12923

    for what it's worth. Single CPU, multi-core, AIUI.

    So an i7 dual core notebook (low power) CPU at 1 GHz may in
    fact be a tad slower or a high end i7 may be almost 8 times
    as fast --- for what it's worth.

    Remember you'lll (probably, I'm not sure) need a new mainboard
    (probably a different socket) and a cooler and you'll probably
    like more RAM (not enough RAM costs lots of speed loss, what
    is "enough" depends on what you do) and likely you'll want a
    SSD (and you want more RAM for that to reduce writing there)
    and you might need a new PSU ... so you could just as well
    switch to AMD --- FX-8350 Eight-Core&id=1780
    give way more bang for the buck than Intel: 50+ PassMarks/USD
    --- the Intel Core i7-3970X @ 3.50GHz offers only 12.61 ---
    but they'll be only 5,5 times at fast, and being an octacore
    instead of a hexcore the individial core is only 1.4 times
    faster than your P8600's core (with the i7-3970X each core is
    2.6 times as fast).

    And single-thread the i7-3970X delivers 2,047 PassMarks, the
    AMD 1,522, and the P8600 936 (many CPUs can go into a boost
    mode with a single thread: 2*936 > 1633): the i7 is 2,1 times as
    fast, the AMD 1,6 times (I doubt these numbers, though, they
    don't fit --- the AMD only has a tiny bit of single thread

    That means the AMD is quite a bit slower and vastly cheaper
    than a top of the line i7; both will be a bit faster
    with single core use, the i7 notably so, the AMD possibly
    only noticeably. Both will leave the P8600 in the dust *if*
    you can keep all cores working at the same time; again, the
    i7-3970X will probably outperform the AMD by quite a margin.
    The AMD is around USD 150, the i7-3970X around USD 1,000.

    AfterShot Pro uses all cores, for the record.

    Do note that there are a lot of i7's that are vastly cheaper
    (and somewhat slower) than the i7-3970X ...

    Does that answer your question?

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, May 15, 2013
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