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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Paul, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Fredd Wright wrote:
    > I have a problem burning DL DVDS. Every time i burn one on the PC and then
    > try to play it, the picture gets "blocky" and freezes up at some point. On
    > the other hand, every time i burn a single layer DVD, it works perfectly.
    > Could this be a problem with the burner or the software or something else?
    > I've tried different brands of DVDs and i use Nero to burn them.
    > Fredd

    It's possible to scan burned media.

    The thing is, it seems not all drives can do an error scan. Even though
    Mero InfoTool claims my drive supports C2 errors, I can't get a scanning
    tool to use my drive. I have a couple burners. I have an old CDRW, which
    will do error scans. My newer DVDRW won't do scans.

    I found a Linux program that can do scans, and it has a strange list
    of brands of drives that it accepts. I don't know if the ability to
    scan for errors, is tied to a particular chipset (MediaTek), or is
    related to the firmware.

    In the past, Liteon drives were used for error scanning. And perhaps
    that's where I got the idea that just any drive could do it. At the
    time, I was testing out a Liteon DVDRW, and it could do scans. I could
    also run KProbe with that one.

    In the pictures on that page, you can see that the two layers have different
    error characteristics. I almost get the impression, that perhaps one disc records
    in a different order than the other kind. On the few dual layers I've
    burned here, they seem to start at the hub, burn outwatds to the edge, then
    change layers, and burn back towards the hub again. In the graphs
    on the myce review, you can see a slight "glitch" in playback speed,
    right where the layer break occurs. The drive has to change focus
    at that point, to focus on the other layer.

    Now, if you can't do an error scan, the next best thing is to benchmark
    the drive playback speed. If there is a severe error problem with a piece of
    burned media, it upsets the benchmark and you can conclude from that,
    that the disc has errors. All burned discs will have errors, but error
    correction takes care of small quantities of them. The error correction
    is powerful enough, you can even scratch the media, and it will still play.
    But if the burning process isn't tuned properly, there is a constant
    error rate, perhaps thousands of errors, and at that point, the drive
    can no longer correct the errors and forward the blocks to the computer.

    You can use this for benchmarking.

    The discs I bought, aren't nearly this fast. You can see a tiny glitch
    in the green trace, at the layer break at the peak.

    Paul, Mar 11, 2011
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