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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Lisa Duskis, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. Lisa Duskis

    Lisa Duskis Guest

    from an epson booklet :

    ".. Most printer manufacturers want you to believe that the higher the
    resolution, the better the image quality. In fact, the benefits of higher
    resolutions are less significant as the resolution exceeds 1440 dpi. At the
    point, the size of the dots has a greater influence on image quality than
    the resolution.

    Large ink droplets enable faster print speeds, but lower quality because the
    large ink droplets are like wide paintbrushes. Very small ink droplets
    increase the detail in the print, but slow down the printing time because
    the printhead must deliver many ink droplets to cover a small area. Epson
    has developed a Variable Sized Dot Technology (VSDT) that enables the
    printhead to deliver a drop size that is optimized for the detail in the

    Using Variable Sized Dot Technology, the Epson printhead delivers very small
    droplets when printing fine detail in the image and larger droplets when
    printing smooth gradations and large areas of solid color. The Variable
    Sized Dot Technology is an exclusive feature of EPSON Micro Piezo printheads
    that allows high resolution printing and fast print speeds."

    Of course, Canon, Lexmark, HP and all the other companies would have similar
    marketing babble about their printers too.....

    -- Lisa

    "Luk" <> wrote in message
    > There seems to be a debate going on between inkjet printer
    > manufacturers as to the significance of the DPI count.
    > Epson DPI estimates are generally higher than, say Canon.
    > However, Canon salespeople counter with the argument
    > that the very high DPI numbers don't translate to better
    > printing performance. Canon boasts of of a superior
    > printhead, which they say is more important.
    > So what about that? Do the Epson high DPI numbers indicate
    > a superior product? Does clogging result at that DPI?
    > What about speed? The printers give an "up to so-and-so
    > speed in their specs". What speed can one expect when
    > the specs say "UP TO"?
    > What product gives both excellent print results and good
    > speed? Do better prints call for slower speed?
    > Thanks.
    > Luk
    Lisa Duskis, Aug 6, 2003
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