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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Gary A. Edelstein, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. On 9 Nov 2005 06:33:30 -0800, "bmitd67" <> wrote:

    >I have a Sony KDE-37XS955 and I would like to record to VCR and/or use
    >the Picture-In-Picture function.
    >Currently the chain is HDbox to Receiver (via component video & TOSlink
    >audio) -> Receiver to TV (via component video).
    >The VCR is S-video.
    >1. Should I split the cable before or after the HD Box?
    >2. Should the "cable out" from the VCR connect to the "cable in" or the
    >"VHF/UHF" in on the TV?

    The reply I prepared for you back in September outlines my recommended
    hook up. That hook up will allow PIP and recording to work.

    Back then I missed that your VCR has S-Vid. Here is the revised
    recommendation accounting for that.


    Suggested hook up below. This is based on other posts where you said
    your receiver has component vid switching.

    Raw cable: split raw cable with a 75 ohm 2-way splitter with one leg
    to the VCR antenna in and the other to the HD box. Note: if the HD
    box has a bypass cable out, you can connect that to the VCR rather
    than use the splitter.

    HD box: Component vid out to receiver input. Digital audio out to
    receiver input. Composite (or S-Vid) video and L/R analog audio outs
    to VCR A/V inputs.

    VCR: Composite (or S-Vid) video and L/R analog audio outs to receiver
    A/V input, like VCR1 or Video1. RF out to TV antenna in.

    DVD Player: Component vid out to receiver input. Digital audio out to
    receiver input.

    Receiver: Component monitor vid out to TV. Composite or S-Vid
    monitor vid out to TV.

    This setup will allow you to record from the box with the VCR aux
    input (al least any channels that are downconverted to the composite
    or S-Vid out) as well as record analog nonscrambled cable stations
    with the VCR tuner. You'll be able to watch nonscrambled analog cable
    stations with the TV tuner while recording from the box or recording
    from the VCR tuner. You could also watch any stations output from the
    box while recording with the VCR tuner.

    The RF out from the VCR provides one input for the PIP using the TV
    tuner. The other inputs (which might only work one at a time because
    they are switched through the receiver) are the component and
    composite (or S-Vid) monitor outs from the receiver to the TV,
    assuming PIP works with the component input switched in.

    Gary E
    |Gary A. Edelstein
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    |"We have met the enemy and he is us." - Walt Kelly's Pogo
    Gary A. Edelstein, Nov 9, 2005
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