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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by PeterN, Sep 23, 2012.

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    On 9/21/2012 11:48 PM, Eric Stevens wrote:
    > Earlier this year I posted a notice of the forthcoming flight of an
    > almost totally new De Havilland Mosquito. My copy of that thread seems
    > to have disappeared from my ken but I do remember that Savage Duck
    > asked me to keep the group up to date.
    > The situation is that the Mosquito's first flight is due to take place
    > in a week today, in the presence of massed brass bands and an air show
    > put on by the local Warbirds. All I can say is that that is a pretty
    > bold thing to do. I would want to have the maiden flight before
    > inviting the neighbours in, just in case some silly little mechanical
    > thing rears its ugly head on the day.
    > Yesterday I went out to the Ardmore airport just to have a look at the
    > state of play. After all, if they are going to fly her in a week they
    > must be past the still-screwing-things-on stage.
    > shows what I found at 2
    > pm. Both engines were on but only the left-hand engine had been run.
    > The right-hand engine had been run but the LH engine still was missing
    > pieces and the air screw was still in its protective wrapping. Nobody
    > was paying much attention to this as they were in the course of
    > testing the hydraulic systems. The pumps were removed from the engines
    > and had been mounted on external electric motors to power them.
    > Nevertheless they expected to run the right-hand engine "at 4
    > o'clock".
    > By 5:15 they were bolting things on to the RH engine which by then had
    > acquired a nose spinner.
    > By 5:25 pm they had cleared everything from around the Mosquito and
    > were ready to roll her out.
    > (If you look just under the armpit of the RH engine you will see a
    > Spitfire 14 which is being rebuilt after a bad crash on take-off)
    > At 5:30 pm, out she came. See
    > and
    > Three minutes later she was chocked in place and ready to start the RH
    > engine for the first time.
    > By then the sun was
    > getting low and the temperature was dropping.
    > At 5:38 pm the RH engine turned over once and before it could complete
    > a second turn there was a mighty 'chuff1' and clouds of smoke, and she
    > was away. Unfortunately
    > the engine was clearly too lean and after a couple of minutes they
    > stopped.
    > After about 10 minutes of fiddling with the carburetor, they started
    > the RH engine again. This time the engine ran very smoothly and they
    > ran it through the gamut of the speed range.
    > after that, the
    > Mosquito sat there for a few minutes looking so pleased with itself
    > that they decided to
    > run both engines.
    > The restoration project has its own page on Facebook at
    > I notice that this has a link to a You
    > Tube video of the two-engine run
    > I doubt if I will get this close for the maiden flight :-(

    Well done documentation.

    My money says your concerns are unfounded and she will fly nicely at the
    air show. Enjoy.

    PeterN, Sep 23, 2012
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