Re: Phishing site - Warnings from Google: Are YOU warned?

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Mike Easter, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Mike Easter

    Mike Easter Guest

    ~BD~ wrote:

    > ** This is the URL to which one is directed above:
    > Using Safari - I get a vibrant Warning about the site being a Phishing
    > site.

    Your browser's alerts (or the lack thereof) are not a reliable security
    measure or an adequate compensation for dumb/insecure behavior.

    Here is an 'angle' on in the insecurity of such behavior as your
    allowing spam/scam/phish/malware into your inbox and then also reading
    the subject/from receptively and then also opening the
    spam/scam/phish/malware and then also rendering the html and then also
    clicking the link to go to the spam/scam/phish/malware site with your
    browser however insecure it may be configured in however insecure your
    particular operating system may be configured, including mac.

    Snipped from an article^1 in sophos, a security/malware help site:

    "IT security and control firm Sophos is warning Apple Mac users to wake
    up to the threat of websites hosting malicious code which can infect
    their systems, following the discovery of two new separate attacks in 24
    hours. The advice follows the discovery of a new version of the Jahlav
    Trojan horse that is being distributed via a site posing as a portal for
    adult videos. -- "Although there is much less malware for Mac OS X
    than there is for Windows, that's going to be little consolation if your
    shiny new MacBook gets infected. Many in the Mac community have had
    their heads buried in the sand for too long about the real nature of the

    The business of being secure is even more reliant on 'smart' behavior
    than on the presence or absence of alleged security features of a
    browser. Safari added its antiphishing feature as a 'response' to
    negative reports by such as Consumer Reports and by a threat from PayPal
    to not allow transacting with Safari in favor of such as firefox or
    opera or even IE7&8 because of Safari's insecurity compared to others.

    Just because Safari has some kind of alleged protection and just because
    mac OS has less number of malware exploits than insecure windows systems
    with insecure browser configurations doesn't mean that a mac user should
    behave very stupidly and insecurely by misusing their browser's
    relationship with their mailagent and open spam and click spam links.

    That is a decidedly unsafe-hex behavior and the fact that you are
    'flaunting' your 'stupidity'/insecure behavior here is a very strong
    indication of how little you understand about secure behaviors and
    relative risks.

    Malware strategies have all kinds of tactics. If you get a spam which
    looks like a phish and you are curious about how the phish is supposed
    to work and so you go to the site to look at the phish, but instead you
    are actually 'lured' in to hitting the site for some other purpose such
    as installing malware instead of the presumed phish.

    It is 'dumb' to think that you are so smart and so invulnerable that you
    can behave stupidly.

    ^1 ttp:// 11 June 2009 - More Mac OS X malware

    Mike Easter
    Mike Easter, Dec 2, 2009
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