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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by thanatoid, Oct 22, 2008.

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    thanatoid Guest

    "Phil" <> wrote in

    > A neighbor is having a strange problem with his PC as
    > described below:
    > "My computer is a Dell Dimension DIM 3000, with an Intel
    > Pentium processor @2.80 GHz & w/ 2 GB RAM The Operating
    > System is Windows XP, SP3 Windows "Defender" and AVG Anti
    > virus have been active for a long time.
    > Over time, my computer began taking longer and longer to
    > boot up & to load any programs. It then began rather
    > frequently locking up to the point that it would not shut
    > down normally, and the only way to get re-started was to
    > unplug the computer, then re-start. After re-booting, it
    > would run as above for a while, then freeze up again.
    > CCleaner, Spybot, UWClean, and PC Pitstop were run and many
    > loose ends corrected and unnecessary things eliminated.
    > Some problems still existed, so Windows Repair was run and
    > SP's 1,2,&3 re-installed. NOW, the computer boots and runs
    > quite well except that occasionally the Internet Explorer,
    > the Earthlink Mailbox Icon, and any icons in the "Quick
    > Launch Toolbar" will become inactive (right clicking on the
    > icon and choosing "properties" shows them to be "Not a
    > valid shortcut".
    > Re-booting the computer eliminates the problem for an
    > indefinite time, sometimes for several hours, sometimes for
    > a few minutes."
    > Any help appreciated. Thanks.
    > Phil B.

    If instead of feeding people the usual lies (like that the US is
    a democracy, or that MS Internet Explorer is a wonderful web
    browser and MS Windows Explorer is a versatile file manager
    tool, or that you HAVE to have MS Office installed {even though
    very few people know how to use it, another subject} or you'll
    never /ever/ get a job, or that if you don't use a condom you
    WILL get AIDS and die a horrible death /for sure/), schools
    started beating into people's heads that computer HD's,
    especially of today's sizes, MUST be partitioned into as many
    virtual drives as practically possible, as well as teaching the
    /merest/ basics of home computer system maintenance, we would
    stop seeing 90% of posts like yours.

    You can shove in /all/ the anti-spyware/malware/virus programs
    you want, install all the MS Spyware, excuse me, Service Packs
    and Updates and Upgrades on your system, you can roll back,
    "repair", "defend" etc., but as long as ALL your shit is in My
    Documents on C: along with /everything/ else, and everything
    keeps growing and spreading like irradiated fungi in your hidden
    directories (you probably know them as "folders") in Windows,
    your computer will always have these problems, forever.

    In case you are capable and willing to learn something, and
    would like to find out what a partition/virtual drive is and why
    they are useful, Google.

    BTW, the "Church" of Scientology wishes to thank you for
    supporting them by being an Earthlink subscriber.

    Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the
    votes decide everything.
    - Josef Stalin

    NB: Not only is my KF over 4 KB and growing, I am also filtering
    everything from and google groups, so no
    offense if you don't get a reply/comment unless I see you quoted
    in another post.
    thanatoid, Oct 22, 2008
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