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    "Zimri" <> wrote in message
    > CertGuard
    >> >I'm writing a series of articles for Brad Reese and
    >> >that
    >> >most of you should be interested in. It's titled "The Cheating Industry
    >> >that
    >> >is devaluing IT Certification" check it out.

    > ...
    > On Apr 3, 7:35 am, Kline Sphere <.@> wrote:
    >> the main reason why it is easy for people cheat is down to the format
    >> of the exams. this is especially so regarding the ms exams, where
    >> there are no 'written' or lab based exams (which many other vendors
    >> already do)

    > ...
    > [I had to trim a few headers]
    > Even within that, another Microsoft scandal is that it has such a low
    > stock of exam questions that it can, apparently, be subverted by a few
    > clowns on the 'web. In essence, Microsoft's exam syllabus creates the
    > demand for cheating, on those topics which the cheaters have no
    > intention of using in their career; Microsoft's exam format and stock
    > creates the supply.

    Again, I'll state that this article was not directed at Microsoft, but at
    the cheaters that take advantage of every certification vendor, and the
    employers that (inadvertently) hire those cheaters.

    I'm not sure what M$ has in their arsenal of Q&A, but it doesn't seem to
    matter, because most of the questions are being released anyways. Again,
    it's not just M$, it's all vendors, CompTIA & Cisco included. I believe it
    to be more than just 'a few clowns on the web', this is something much
    larger than anyone could imagine, and CertGuard intends to expose it for
    what it is. How? Not 100% sure on that, but we'll get there, and it will
    take time. How much time? Again, not sure, could be a year, could be 10. But
    be sure of this, when we do, we'll let you know.

    And yes, I agree with you that their exam format allows people to more
    easily cheat on the exams, just about any T/F or Multiple Choice Q&A will.
    What needs to be done (and this has been brought to their attention) is to
    have a barrage of essay questions. Not easy though.

    > If the collegiate system did what Microsoft does, there'd be a lot
    > more CS majors...

    Believe it or not, 'gunmen' take college exams for people all the time, you
    just don't hear about it because CertGuard hasn't exposed it yet. ;-)

    > If Microsoft insists on grinding out multi-choice exams then it needs
    > to find ways of churning out more ways of testing the same functional
    > knowledge. It has been over a decade since MS introduced the exam
    > format, and it must be able to automate a system by now.

    Have you taken any of their 'new generation' exams? I haven't, so I wouldn't
    know much about them, but I've been told they are more difficult than
    previous generation.

    > Then the test-takers could braindump all they want; but all the
    > prospective test-takers would get from it is an understanding of what
    > questions look like in general (which format, per question and per
    > exam, would vary) and of course they'd get a basic "we are expected to
    > know this". That's not cheating; that's just studying. I am, frankly,
    > shocked that 6 years after I took the exam, braindumps are still a
    > threat to the brand. They need to start holding personnel reviews at
    > Redmond, ASAP.

    Certifications are being revoked as we speak. It's an ongoing process that
    takes time. Personnel reviews are not something that should be done quickly.

    >> ...and no proof of experience in the industry is required.

    > I am not concerned with that. That is the what the job interview and
    > HR background checks are supposed to ascertain. If they don't have the
    > experience then the companies can hire them on for, what, $20/hr as
    > interns doing support. Just like they do with kids who are in the
    > middle of getting their CS degree.


    #1, The interviewer knows what he/she is doing.
    #2, The company has an HR department.

    Not all companies have an HR department, and not all employers know exactly
    what they are looking for when it comes to a systems admin. And you have to
    admit, it's not easy to figure this stuff out when you're not in a position
    to do so on a daily basis.

    I hope I covered everything. Thanks for raising these issues.

    You think you know IT?!?!
    Check out the new 'No Braindump' CertGear:

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    CertGuard, Apr 4, 2007
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