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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Andy Foster, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. Andy Foster

    Andy Foster Guest

    "znakomi" <> wrote in message
    > I'm looking for opinions from folks who look down on paper
    > certs. I've been trying to think of reasons why someone
    > would look down on them, but I'm coming up empty. I have
    > heard it about how much damage they do, and how some
    > people who study for them should almost be looked down on
    > for doing something "wrong". But I havent heard the
    > reasons why it is wrong to study for MCSE for people who
    > don't already work in IT.
    > I like my job, and it's not IT, (engineer in digital
    > imaging equipment). I would venture to say that if a great
    > IT person came up to me and said he had another passion of
    > digital image processing, and he went to school for it
    > even though he may never work in it...I'd say "great, you
    > like Heiniken?". Why would I say anything else?
    > The world is always changing, and even though I've worked
    > for this behemoth since some of the naysayers were in
    > diapers...downsizing is a reality. MCSE is interesting, it
    > skirts my job, and I could be laid off someday. Nice if I
    > could get my foot in the door and try this path if I
    > wanted to. I went for an interview last year for just for
    > the heck of it, (first interview in 15 + years). I had no
    > intention for the job, but I wanted to see if I'd get an
    > offer...which I did for twenty five an hour, (nowhere near
    > enough to derail me). But it was worth my effort, and I
    > wouldn't have gotten the offer without my paper cert.
    > Besides, this stuff is fun, and it gives me excuses to
    > have all these computers around the house.
    > Now I fully agree with naysayers who get down on people
    > who cheat. I don't cheat, (the only justice there is the
    > cheaters know how they are, worthless).
    > So, please tell me the reasons why we must look down on
    > people like me with my nasty paper certificate. Why I was
    > wrong to do what I did.
    > My school cost $7500.00, and I sweat out the same exams
    > the IT people do, except they have an advantage, they work
    > in it all the time. Due to the improved nature of the 2000
    > exams, and beta testing for question weight, I must
    > simulate the thinking of someone who has worked in it a
    > year. Why is that something to look down on someone for?
    > Please don't just blast me for this and waste this thread,
    > I'd like to find out if there are any real reasons, and
    > what they are.

    When you started studying, did you post lots of dumb/lazy questions in this
    group? Did you ask for information that was readily available on MS'
    website, or had been posted in this group twice within the last week ?
    Do you post unintelligible gibberish and get irate if people don't answer
    your questions the way you like ?
    Did you decide to cheat because you were too dumb/lazy to pass the exams,
    and then ask where you could find free braindumps because you were too
    dumb/lazy to find them yourself ?
    Did you start studying for the MCSE with no background or experience in IT,
    expecting to walk straight into a high-paying job upon completion ? Did you
    then start whingeing that you couldn't even land a helldesk job ?
    Now that you are an MCSE, could you actually do the job you are (on paper at
    least) qualified for ? Can you resolve simple hardware problems ?

    BTW these are rhetorical questions...

    Andy Foster, Jul 31, 2003
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