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  1. VanguardLH

    VanguardLH Guest


    > Because of vast amounts of spam I have recently changed my Yahoo email
    > address. I enter all the correct account details into Outlook Express but it
    > always fails to connect due to incorrect address or password. However, if I
    > log in to Yahoo (UK) for mail and enter the same info. I get into my my
    > boxes fine. I have two other non-Yahoo addresses in OE which work OK as did
    > my original Yahoo one.
    > Any suggestions? XPPro with SP 2.

    Depends on WHAT is the domain for your Yahoo account. is the
    USA domain and requires a paid subscription to access their POP/SMTP
    mail hosts. There are still some Yahoo domains that allow access to
    their mail hosts for free accounts. You didn't mention what are the
    domains for your Yahoo accounts except implying that one is probably (and that one apparently still allows access for freebie

    Also, OE would not be complaining that you entered the "wrong address or
    password". At the time of a login error, the mail server doesn't have a
    clue as to what is your e-mail address. Your login credentials consist
    of your username and password. You may be trying to use your e-mail
    address as your username. For the USA domain, you do NOT use
    your e-mail address as the username for login. You just use your
    username for the username.
    VanguardLH, Sep 24, 2008
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  2. VanguardLH

    VanguardLH Guest


    > I have only ever had one Yahoo address and it is a Yahoo UK/Ireland one,
    > i.e. Obviously this domain allowed freebie access to POP but as
    > you say, perhaps this has have a number of other factors, e g.
    > to log into my (old) Yahoo account (web or pop) I previously entered only
    > the username but now when I log into Yahoo to collect that mail it does not
    > recognise my new username only but asks for the entry to be the full email
    > address.
    > Seems UK and US works differently and without telling anybody about the
    > changes. Hotmail, here I come!!

    How can you only ever have had one Yahoo address? "I have recently
    changed my Yahoo email address." That means you had one and then
    changed to a new one. That makes 2 of them. "if I log in to Yahoo (UK)
    for mail and enter the same info. I get into my boxes fine." That makes
    3 of them, unless the Yahoo UK account was the first one which means
    you're still at 2 of them. "as did my original Yahoo one." So you
    have had or do have at least 2 of them. I take it the 2nd Yahoo Mail
    account you opened was at the domain (instead of
    or, as you say, stopped providing access to their POP/SMTP
    mail hosts for newly created freebie accounts (they may still support
    legacy accounts of which your original account may be one and why it
    still works to connect to that old freebie account). If you
    visit their webmail pages and see a MailPlus service being offered then
    maybe they decided to yank the POP/SMTP mail host access from freebie
    accounts (although there still might be other features in the MailPlus
    paid service than just access to their mail hosts). Just to be sure,
    are you using or for the POP server?
    I found the UK web help settings page at

    Just to be sure it isn't something goofy you configured in OE, try
    telnetting into their POP mail host. They don't require SSL connects so
    you can use telnet to be the e-mail client to connect to their POP
    server. In a DOS shell, run:

    telnet 110
    <you should get a welcome message>
    user <yourusername>
    pass <yourpassword>

    If you get pass the password submit and establish a mail session then
    your account is defined and their POP server (on port 110) allowed a
    connection for your freebie account. I added the 'list' command just to
    be sure you could submit POP commands and they'd get accepted. It
    telnet works to establish a mail session then you still have something
    configured wrong in OE for you new replacement account
    defined in OE.

    You could try using YahooPOPs to access your freebie Yahoo Mail account.
    It runs as a local POP-to-HTTP proxy. Your POP client connects to
    YahooPOPs and it connects via HTTP to Yahoo Mail. This is a screen- or
    URL-scraper program that knows how to read web pages and navigate the
    URLs between web pages; however, if Yahoo changes enough of their web
    page content or the URLs used to navigate between them, YahooPOPs stops
    working and you have to wait until the program author gets around to
    fixing his program. Thunderbird has its webmail add-on that is also a
    POP-to-HTTP proxy and does the same thing and support Yahoo, Hotmail,
    and other webmail-only services but, again, if the site changes then
    this type of scraper program stops working and you wait for a fix.

    So if you can't get into a freebie Yahoo Mail account, what makes you
    think you can get into a freebie Hotmail account? Unless you pay for a
    Windows Live Hotmail Plus account, you'll need to change to a different
    e-mail client. For the paid Windows Live Hotmail Plus accounts,
    Microsoft re-added access to POP/SMTP mail hosts back in Nov 2007. For
    freebie accounts, Microsoft discontinued support for their old
    HTTP/WebDAV protocol which is the only one that Outlook Express knows
    about. OE support died 6 years ago so it will never support the new
    HTTP/Deltasync protocol now used by freebie Hotmail accounts. You won't
    be able to use OE to connect to a freebie Hotmail account. You will
    have to buy Outlook (which still doesn't support Deltasync) to then
    download the Outlook Connector add-on (that adds Deltasync support), or
    switch from OE to its replacement, Windows Live Mail, which does support
    Deltasync. Unlike a screen- or URL-scraper program trying to navigate
    the webmail pages, using the Deltasync protocol has the client talking
    directly to the mail server. It doesn't matter how Microsoft changes
    their webmail pages. Alas, WLM will help with free Hotmail accounts but
    not with freebie Yahoo accounts.
    VanguardLH, Sep 24, 2008
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