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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Gary - US, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Gary - US

    Gary - US Guest

    Oh great another dirtbag impersonating one of our group.


    Semper Fi & God Bless America,

    Gary-US MCNGP #20 & retired Jarhead
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    "KLXrider" <> wrote in message
    > I hate narrowmindedness. People who just can't
    > intelligently think piss me off. Like the klan, oh my god
    > those narrowminded losers. Like the other day, I was at
    > the Annual Whitey Rules picnic and softba ll turney of
    > Klux Klan Troup #42, (my troup since 1989) and I saw
    > Eugene, my grand wizard. I go, 'Eugene, I love what you've
    > done--the changes you've made since you became our grand
    > wizard. That great idea about Increasing the eye holes and
    > decreasing the length in our uniforms so we stop falling
    > down when we are running away from a crossburnings--
    > excellent idea. And nobodies tougher on jews and blacks
    > than you, god love you Eugene. But there's one other
    > change that I think we need to make. Can we add a group to
    > the hate list? Because these scum of the earth are really
    > pissing me off. They shouldn't even be in this country if
    > you ask me. Its, just not natural. Those blubber eaters
    > sure piss me off. Their sled dogs crap all over my yard
    > and Nanook doesn't seem to care. Stupid Eskimos, or dirty
    > skimos, as I like to call them. Everyone needs a racial
    > epithet. Those seal-pelt wearing bastards leave their
    > whale carcasses out on their lawn and that brings down my
    > property values. Those dirty skimos sure piss me off.
    > Everyday a new group of them moves into town and builds an
    > igloo wherever they damn well please, sure pisses me off.'
    > Eugene looks at me and goes. Jason the KKK has a long
    > tradition of hating only blacks and jews, we aren't going
    > to change that now, I'm sorry. How narrowminded is that?
    > He wouldn't even considered it. That was the final straw I
    > quit right then and there. If your not willing to have an
    > open mind about the changing world we live in, I have no
    > need for you. So, I decided to form my own hate group. Im
    > gonna call it PANA--People Against Narrowminded Assholes--
    > and anyone with an open mind can join....well, except
    > those dirty skimos.
    > I am sick and tired of people going "Your soooo lucky,
    > being a white male in a white male dominated society,
    > things are just handed to you, your life is sooo easy,
    > blah blah blah". Bull shit i say. You know its not all
    > roses being a white male ok, lets get this straight. I
    > still have to work for a living, I have to make the most
    > of my opportunities. Life is just as difficult for us
    > white males as it is for the rest of the world ok? Not
    > everything is just given to us. But then again, being a
    > white male sure beats the hell out of being a woman.......
    > (pause)...or a darkie for that matter...eww i am sorry, I
    > meant darkie american--got to be politically correct.
    > Sorry didnt mean to step on too many toes. Boy that joke
    > went over a lot better at the klan rally thursday.
    > KLXrider, MCNGP #18
    Gary - US, Aug 29, 2003
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