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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Godfrey DiGiorgi, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. If you are new to scanning, please review Wayne Fulton's excellent
    website, <> for lots of significant information
    you will need to know in order to make informed decisions on scanners
    and scanning techniques.

    The Scan Dual III is a 2820ppi scanner. It will produce a 2665x3997
    pixel scan file (10.2Mpixel) from a full-frame 35mm negative or slide.
    This will allow printing a 9x13" image-size enlargement at 300ppi or a
    12x18" image-size enlargement at 220ppi. That's enough resolution for
    most people's print needs and far more than you need for on-screen and
    web display pictures.

    The Scan Dual III is a very good scanner at a quite modest price
    (sub-$300 from B&H). It does not have some of the more sophisticated
    scanners' features, like scratch and dust removal.

    Other choices:
    The Nikon Coolscan IV ED is about double the money, a slightly higher
    resolution (2900ppi) and includes dust and scratch removal. It's a
    better made scanner. The Canon FS4000U is a higher resolution film
    scanner (4000ppi) with the other features of the Nikon but not quite
    the same build quality, at just a little more money nowadays. Nikon
    also makes a competing 4000ppi unit at a bit more money (and quality).

    There is also a new Minolta 5400 ppi film scanner on the market, but I
    have not seen much output from it yet and do not know what it's quality
    is like.


    In article <bgq710$r66cq$>, Larry R
    Harrison Jr <> wrote:

    > Someone in an earlier thread of mine (where I asked for opinions on the
    > Kodak DX3600 vs Nikon Coolpix 2500) suggested maybe for trying out digital I
    > should possibly try out that scanner.
    > Understand: I'm completely new to digital, although my computer literacy and
    > proficiency is VERY high (I've built computers, and I design Access
    > databases for a living). That said, I'm new to this arena.
    > Thing is, what kind of resolution am I looking to get with such a scanner?
    > One side of mine would love to scan my negatives & slides but only if the
    > digital copy is every bit as good as the original negative or slide. My gut
    > instinct tells me that either (a) no such technology exists or (b) if it
    > does, it's outrageously expensive.
    > So, how good results would one get from that scanner? Could a quality
    > negative or slide (say, a Velvia 50 or Sensia 100 slide--or a 100-speed
    > print film negative) be enlargeable to 11x14 with pro-caliber results? Is
    > this particular machine obselete by any chance?
    > Thoughts?
    > LRH
    Godfrey DiGiorgi, Aug 6, 2003
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