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Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Tom MacIntyre, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Top post seems appropriate here...

    I think you can make a 4-diskette boot set from the W2k CD. Boot from
    the CD and look, or boot from the W98 floppy with CD support, and try
    this (I am assuming that the CD is drive D)...

    dir/s makeboot.*

    I am almost certain that it is an EXE file, but use the wildcard
    anyway to be safe. This file, when run from the DOS prompt, should
    create a 4-diskette boot set for W2k. Hope you get this sorted; I have
    a similar situation that I hope to resolve soon. :)


    On 21 Aug 2003 02:17:43 GMT, (GerardSchneyer)

    >ok, I screwed up a bit. Basically I fragged my registry. I was using the
    >to find out what was wrong with my laptop. I was getting the blue screen of
    >right at the login script. Not good. However it wasn't happening when I went to
    >safe-mode. So it had to be something that was loading up at the start-up.
    >Anyway I had narrowed it down to one section on the services, down to the
    >"Utility Manager" service. So eventually I was going to ask here how to fix
    >but then the problem with the registry started. I was trying to erase some
    >annoying startups in the registry, but that in itself had the blue screen of
    >come up at startup. So I tried to put it back, the registry got corrupted, so
    >I can't even go into safe mode.
    >The Good News.
    >I recently purchased a 60 gig drive to replace the original, cramped, drive. I
    >reformat the original, "just-in-case". Guess which drive I'm on now. Basically
    >the time I've had the 60 gig I've installed only a couple of softwares, so it's
    >too much of a stretch. I'm also using a file-transfer PC card so I can still
    >see the
    >60 gig.
    >So how do I repair the registry on the 60 gig? What I need to know is where the
    >specific files that make up the registry. Before I fooled around I exported the
    >registry to a file "Registry_08-17-03", so I'm trying to get it back.
    >The Kick-in-the-pants.
    >First, I'm using Windows 2000, both drives are NTSF. So the Windows start-up
    >disks, which I admit are for WIndows 98, won't start up. I've tried to use the
    >"Ultimate Boot-Up Disk" files, but that doesn't work. I've tried using the
    >drive's attempts to make a boot-up disks, but they don't work. I went through
    >Programs-Accessories-Systems Tools- Backup, which says it can make an
    >emergency repair disk, which doesn't work.
    >So I'm left with two options. Since I bought the 60 gig I have had to restart
    >it like
    >this, which is not really a problem, just annoying. The only catch here is that
    >original is so cramped it's hard to get it all back just to go forward again.
    >The other idea I had is a bit tricky, unless anyone here has a better idea. The
    >original drive works and I can access the 60 gig. So how about I export the
    >original drive's registry. I then inport the "Registry_08-17-03". Then I copy
    >registry files onto the 60 gig. Finally I import back the original registry. A
    >risky I admit.
    >So what do you think?
    >Of course you can disagree, but a cheap thrill is still a thrill.
    > me.
    Tom MacIntyre, Aug 21, 2003
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