Re: OOP vs. public domain and other ruminations

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Walter Traprock, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. "steve" <> wrote:

    > > No, I'm not thinking about going into the biz of selling bootleg
    > > movies on ebay. I just want to understand this (black? gray?) market
    > > better.

    > Doesnt seem to me that there is any ambiguity, here. The bootlegs are a
    > violation of property rights, and a violation of copyright law.

    Indeed it is; bootlegs are black market, even if you buy them in a store.
    I've bought phelony bootlegs in stores, and their expensive, too.

    Gray market means "parallel importing": for example, if you order a dvd
    from another country that is not distributed officially in the USA, when
    you received it, it would be called a Gray Market item.

    There's a heck of a lot of stuff kept off the market by copyright
    holders for mere political reasons, personal spites, or for "tightening
    the market" by restricting supply where there's demand.
    Walter Traprock, Dec 14, 2005
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