Re: OneNote 2007, Groove 2007 doesn't fully work on Vista 64

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by David F, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. David F

    David F Guest

    I had meant to cross post this with the 64bit newsgroup and I just realized
    that it didn't work.

    "David F" <> wrote in message
    > Regarding security features, see:
    > In summary,
    > 1. Hardware DEP (using NX No Execute hardware) vs. Software DEP in Vista
    > 32. Hardware DEP is better.
    > 2. Address Space Layout Randomizer.
    > 3. Patchguard to protect kernel modification. (NOTE: a change will be
    > made in SP1 which will allow 3rd party vendors (e.g. security)) to modify
    > the kernel.
    > Also, regarding stability:
    > 1. Only digitally signed drivers.
    > Other advantages of 64 is that I run out of handles in 32 and despite the
    > fact that I have plenty of memory, applications just refuse to load. You
    > can make changes to the registry that helps, but not all that well.
    > At any rate, I and many other users need the larger address space support
    > for running applicatoins and in my case large programs and database
    > support.
    > Also, as a matter of principal, people expect that Microsoft Office would
    > run the same on both Vista 32 and Vista 64, although they would not expect
    > the same of other firms applications (e.g. Cisco's older legacy VPN client
    > which only runs on Vista 32). As it is, I can't imagine that it would
    > take Microsoft that much time and effort to make Office for OneNote and
    > Groove to be fully functional with 64-bit. Frankly, it makes Microsoft
    > look like they don't take 64-bit that seriously for now.
    > "Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]" <> wrote in message
    > news:%23g8x%...
    >>I have it on my Acer because it came with it, but I don't really need it
    >>to be honest with you. Office 2007 works just fine on it, I don't have
    >>certain apps like CS3 since they are not really Vista x64 ready.
    >> --
    >> Andre
    >> Blog:
    >> My Vista Quickstart Guide:
    >> "Mike Hall - MVP" <> wrote in message
    >> news:...
    >>> "David F" <> wrote in message
    >>> news:...
    >>>> Mike,
    >>>> Thanks for the quick reply, but since Microsoft is selling 64 bit as a
    >>>> product they ought to fully support it to the same level as Vista 32
    >>>> especially with their premier office product line, Office.
    >>>> I need the 64 bit b/c of extra memory space provided, other do too.
    >>>> Moreover, Vista 64 is a far more secure OS than 32.
    >>>> Happy New Year.
    >>>> "Mike Hall - MVP" <> wrote in message
    >>>> news:...
    >>>>> "David F" <> wrote in message
    >>>>> news:...
    >>>>>> OneNote is a marvelous tool and one great feature is to be able to
    >>>>>> from Word or Powerpoint or Excel "print to OneNote", that is, to send
    >>>>>> the document over to OneNote.
    >>>>>> While this works on Vista 32, it does not work on Vista 64 because
    >>>>>> Microsoft didn't write a driver for it. A Microsoft software
    >>>>>> engineer that works with OneNote wrote a response to my query that
    >>>>>> basically says not to expect a driver until the next major version of
    >>>>>> Office
    >>>>>>>> One expects that MS Office would work the same on 64-bit as on
    >>>>>>>> 32-bit. Some
    >>>>>>>> of us need to use the 64-bit for other reasons (e.g. some
    >>>>>>>> development work).
    >>>>>>>> Could MSFT please comment as to when the following will be
    >>>>>>>> available?
    >>>>>>>> 4) Send to OneNote 2007 print driver and Internet Fax not available
    >>>>>>>> on 64 bit OS. >Groove Folder Synchronization not available on 64
    >>>>>>>> bit operating system. Office Clean-up >> wizard not available on 64
    >>>>>>>> bit OS.
    >>>>>> A Microsoft software engineer that works on OneNote wrote this reply
    >>>>>> to my query in the onenote newsgroup.
    >>>>>>> Full 64bit support is expected in the next major version of Office.
    >>>>>>> I am
    >>>>>>> not currently aware of any plans to implement the 64bit print driver
    >>>>>>> for
    >>>>>>> OneNote 2007.
    >>>>>>> Ilya
    >>>>>> I think it really stinks that Microsoft isn't fully supporting it's
    >>>>>> own Vista 64 OS.
    >>>>> It is as much a case of some wanting to go to 64bit Vista just for the
    >>>>> sake of it.
    >>>>> 64bit is not ready for general use yet and unless there is a specific
    >>>>> need to have a 64bit, it is still best to stay with 32bit Vista..
    >>>>> --
    >>>>> Mike Hall - MVP
    >>> For the most part, Office does run on 64bit although there may be one or
    >>> two functions within Office which are not supported, as you have found.
    >>> It will be a while before 64bit becomes mainstream even though major
    >>> hardware seems to be these days. I have a 64bit DVD, but will not use
    >>> it. For now, I will go with better compatibility, but then again, I
    >>> don't have a 64bit mission specific application that I need to run.
    >>> --
    >>> Mike Hall - MVP


    David F, Dec 31, 2007
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