Re: NYC train & bus follies

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by PluckThePig=^||^, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. In article <_HAUn.26205$>,
    "WeReo_BoY" <> wrote:

    > Once me and the one and only Nuclear Warrior get on a 6 train

    I just finished a little project with some great investigative work by a
    friend of mine in the rotten apple. The results? There never was any
    Nuclear Warrior or Pillar of Fire, It was just another of Scott's
    attempts at pawned-off fantasy fame. The NW video is of a guy named
    Sergio Romero. A nobody music store guitar teacher from Hackensack, N.J.
    What he found out is that Scott knew this guy from hanging around the
    music/record store where Sergio worked as a part time guitar teacher and
    sales clerk. The ever popular genius Pillar of Fire was a name Sergio
    came up with while playing around with the "funeral pyre" line from the
    Doors great Light My Fire. Yet another lying, self-serving claim by
    Scott just to masturbate his own ego. Anyway, Sergio did start a band
    called Death's Dust, that he admitted "went nowhere", and Scott was
    never involved in it in anyway except hanging around the music room at
    the store. That's where the video came from. He also noted that Scott's
    hanging around was usually bothersome, and to such a point, that the
    store owner had to ask him to leave on several occasions. So, no
    earthshaking, world famous, greatest guitar player ever, media worthy
    news. It's all just more of Scott's wereo worshiping B.S. It's all "so"
    Scott when you consider his history .........

    Please, I'm begging you, please...point me to one site, blog, or any
    reference at all, on the Internet that indicates you're anything more
    the what I said you are. That would be looser, beaten, delusional,
    lonely, and such. As far as having any influence, well, I don't see your
    old Jam site around anymore illegally selling pirated artistic works of
    other people. So apparently there are others out here with more
    influence then you. But then again, there's absolutely no proof of your
    alleged influence....period. Another FAILURE on your behalf!

    Yeah, you're the king of all media,and the only one that matters. To
    yourself and and either your left or right hand! And once
    your own words, proving what kind of person you are......

    I give you Scott Lifshinethe demented diseased lying pedophile slob....

    I've never formed any meaningful love relationships in my life.
    Prostitutes galore.
    "I'm a whore-monger and make no secretes about it"
    "I'm all alone in life"
    "Financially I'm fucked up"
    "I live an isolated life"
    Scott Lifshine April 30, 2009
    "Scott Lifshine is the biggest joke on the Internet" -Desk Rabbit
    PluckThePig=^||^, Jun 24, 2010
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