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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by SPD, Aug 12, 2003.

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    Dear Jorgen:

    Call management software will provide features which are nice
    to have but such software is not required nor do you have to
    sign up for a service. The service, whether free or not, is just
    making the service easier to use.

    If all you want is to call your brother and no one else, from a
    specific phone, over an IP connection then two IP phones
    will work without any other components. The challenge is
    how to address your brother when dialing. This is where a
    service makes dialing easier.

    If you setup an IP phone with the userid "phone1" at node and your brother sets up an IP phone
    with the userid "phone2" at node then
    you can call him by entering sip:p.

    The problem is that entering these characters on a telephone
    keypad gets really tiring really fast. If the phone has a programmable
    directory or speed dial key then enter your brother's address
    into that key and one have one touch dialing. Your brother should
    do the same.

    If you want any other features then I'd suggest you look for a
    service. Someone else mentioned FWD. That is a good choice.


    Jørgen Gilberg wrote:

    >I am living in Denmark and my brother is living in the northern part of
    >Norway. I wounder if we can buy two IP telephones and just start talking to
    >eachother without have the computer turned on?
    >A guy told me last year that this is not possible because I need call
    >management software or a third party server such as Net2Phone..
    >If yes, what model should I buy?
    >Do anyone know this telephone?
    > IP Phones (VoxPhone)
    > Arrayvox IP Phones, VoxPhones, are next generation intelligent
    >communication devices designed as extremely affordable IP-PBX feature
    >telephone with LCD display for business applications.
    > (Not Pictured)
    > HP300-2LD-SW
    > IP-Phone with Multi Protocol Support
    > 10/100Base-TX port * 2
    > 2*16 Character LCD Panel
    > Phone book, 10 Function
    > 10 Speed Dial key
    > Price: $189.00
    >What does it mean that it have "IP-PBX" feature telephone
    >I will be very glad for answers!
    >Best regard
    >jorgen at domain gilberg dot org
    SPD, Aug 12, 2003
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  2. Thanks for all answers!
    Jørgen Gilberg, Aug 13, 2003
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