Re: New XBox: 4GB vs. 250GB?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by RickMerrill, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. RickMerrill

    RickMerrill Guest

    jonahnmei wrote:
    > So the new XBox has come out for $200. I was really hoping that it
    > would at least have a 60GB HDD and this was really expected. I
    > figured it would be a nice replacement for my XBox 360 that was
    > stolen a couple of months ago along with my 120GB HDD. However, the
    > new one has a whopping *sarcasm* 4GB of HDD space! Whooopdee fricken
    > doo! Well, the only thing that I can say that "might"
    > validate this is that supposedly there was an update that allows you
    > to use 16GB flash drives that you can save map packs, and any other
    > downloadable content onto. I've also heard rumor that it is actually
    > safer to store your content on these drives and that they will run
    > faster than the HDD unit itself.
    > As a tech, I have good and bad things to say about this... one is that
    > it might be easier to copy your data over to another drive as a backup
    > of your saved content. I've also never really been a big fan of the
    > overpriced XBox hard drive units which are basically the same thing
    > as a regular HDD unit when you take it all apart. The only thing that
    > sets it apart really is it's firmware. I also believe it is probably
    > faster because of the lower capacity of a 16GB HDD unit. The thing
    > that can be a bit unsettling though, is that I HAVE had flash drives
    > fail on me a bit more frequently than I have had HDD units fail on me
    > simply speaking from experience. However, I do know that a lot of the
    > hardware inside an XBox from past experiences has not been up to my
    > standards of quality.
    > The biggest question in the sky, is this... how limited are we on
    > this? Can we have multiple flash drives or are we just limited to one
    > or two and forced to buy one of their overpriced hunk-of-junk
    > Microtrash HDD units? Anyone have any experience with this? Anyone
    > here buy a 4GB version of the new XBox?

    Not knowing any better, i did.

    Just plug in a USB2 hard drive and expand at will!

    it comes with 3 ports ...
    RickMerrill, Dec 25, 2010
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