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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Lance, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Lance

    Lance Guest

    Look in the section titled "After you install"


    nickuh thought carefully and wrote on 9/20/2004 11:05 AM:

    > Folks,
    > I read kamuish's message and all follow-up and it looks like that I have
    > exactly the same problem. I have 2 desktops (Win XP Home), one (host)
    > connected to the DSL router and another one (guest) communicating via
    > wireless connection. Both access internet fine, and Host sees the Guest, but
    > Guest does not see the network at all -- I see a weird message "You might not
    > have permission to use this network resource, blah-blah". Network setup
    > wizard ran fine on both. After reading people's comments I certainly suspect
    > a firewall blocking local traffic. I assume this is Windows firewall as I
    > haven't installed anything else on these PCs. Could you pls describe a bit in
    > more detail how to disable the firewall and enable this "allow" list kamuish
    > talked about? I am not very familiar with the way firewalls set up in XP.
    > "kamuish" wrote:
    >>I am a former IT person who has been "out of the loop" for a few years. Any
    >>suggestions that anyone could offer would be MOST appreciated...
    >>I have a small home network (1 desktop PC, Windows XP, Ethernet; 1 laptop,
    >>Windows XP, wireless - 'excellent' connection status) that is connected to
    >>the internet through a wireless broadband router using DSL. Both computers
    >>can access the internet connection without any problem. I am unable to 'see'
    >>either computer on the network from the other one, however. Both PCs are set
    >>up on the same workgroup name, and the network setup wizard has run
    >>successfully on both machines. My desktop can see the entire network, but
    >>can't access the network share on my laptop. The laptop recognizes the
    >>network but can't access it.
    >>I have tried pinging both machines from the other ones, without success.
    >>Both machines ping the network gateway (the router) without any difficulty.
    >>Are there some access permissions that I need to manually set? Or am I
    >>missing something else entirely? I really need to be able to share files and
    >>printers between the two but feel like I am at the end of my proverbial rope!
    Lance, Sep 21, 2004
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