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Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Pamela Fanstill, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I am an MCT that teaches these classes. I think you will be happy taking the
    2559 class first. It will reinforce the knowledge you have from your
    previous experience, teach you some new things, and introduce you to VB.NET.

    After that take the 2310 which will introduce ASP.NET and reinforce the
    VB.NET that you learned in 2559.

    Both 2559 and 2310 are designed for those who are new to .NET, but have some
    general programming background. So you should be comfortable with the level
    of these classes.

    Then take the 2389 to learn more about ADO.NET. You will get some exposure
    to ADO.NET in both of the earlier classes, but it is a big topic so there is
    lots more to learn. As for XML, look for some basic tutorials on the web to
    familiarize yourself with the topic, that should be sufficient. You will
    also learn a little about XML in the 2310 class.

    I would recommend that you not take 2373, that course is designed as a quick
    update to VB.NET and the .NET platform for those who are very experienced
    with older versions of VB. Perhaps the training center will let you
    substifute a different class. The 2415 .NET Framework class might be a good
    choice, take this one last.
    Allow some time between classes, so you can do some work on your own and
    practice the things that you have learned. That way you can ask lots of
    questions when you when you attend the subsequent classes.

    Pamela Fanstill

    "Bari Allen" <> wrote in message
    > Hi, my boss paid a company for me to take the following courses (which I
    > have not yet scheduled):
    > 2559 -Intro to VB.NET Programming
    > 2310 -Developing ASP.NET web applications using VS.NET
    > 2373 -Programming with VB.NET
    > 2389 -Programming with ADO.NET
    > I have VERY limited (pure) vb skills. I've developed programs using
    > Microsoft Access 97 and 2000 (using the built-in VBA), and done a few
    > limited web pages using ASP, and ADO to connect to a database for reading
    > and inserting records. I noticed on the 2373 course that the

    > seem to require VB6 courses or experience using VB4 or later. When I
    > originally signed up, I had asked for 1013, instead of 2559, but one of

    > institutions we were bidding to said to take 2559, rather than 1013. The
    > budget office listened to those suggestions, but went with a different
    > vendor. Unfortunately, my boss can't sign me up for additional classes

    > to budgetary concerns. Has anyone taken these classes (above)? What

    > would you recommend me taking them in? Will I need additional education
    > before attempting to take 2373, or will the other courses above bring me

    > with enough knowledge to get through it? Thank you in advance for any
    > advice.
    > I already meet the prereq. requirements for 2559
    > I meet most of the prereq. requirements for 2389, as well, EXCEPT that

    > never had Exposure to XML
    > 2559 (above) & 2373 are listed as prereqs for 2310
    > Herein, lies the problem, the prerequisites for 2373 are as follows:
    > Experience developing applications with Visual Basic 4.0 or later
    > Successful completion of Course 1013, Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic

    > Development, or equivalent knowledge
    > OR
    > Successful completion of Course 1016, Mastering Enterprise Development
    > Using Microsoft Visual Basic 6, or equivalent knowledge
    > Familiarity with basic concepts of object-oriented programming
    > Familiarity with Extensible Markup Language (XML) concepts
    > Familiarity with Microsoft's .NET strategy as described on Microsoft's
    > .NET Web site:
    > Familiarity with the .NET Framework as described on the following Web
    > sites:
    > and
    Pamela Fanstill, Jul 25, 2003
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