Re: Need Some Newsgroup Help Please

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Frank, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Popcorn wrote:
    > Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
    >> Popcorn wrote:
    >>> In this newsgroup it shows 34,345 files downloaded. When I open
    >>> it only shows 64 files, which is all that's there.
    >>> It never seems to update itself. I know there are more than 64
    >>> files. I have opened Account setting for the newsgroup, and as far
    >>> as I can tell, all are checked, and unchecked correctly. At times it
    >>> ask for user name to open the files. That is unchecked. Is this
    >>> just the nature of the newsgroups in Thunderbird? I would appreciate
    >>> any direction anyone could steer me in.
    >>> thank you

    >> it could be a couple of things. First, it could be a server problem.
    >> I don't mean a newsgroup problem, but a server one. The server is
    >> where you're getting your newsgroups from, which seems to be [I think]
    >> nntp.posted.grandecom. Some servers will only keep, for example, only
    >> 30 days of postings. After that, they're removed from the server.
    >> It could also be your settings: Tools, Account Settings, select the
    >> account, and under Offline & Disk Space, you may have it set to remove
    >> old messages after a certain date, or something else.
    >> You need to edit the .rc file for your news server. You'll find it in
    >> the TB Profile. Depending on your news server, but it might look like
    >> this: nntp.posted.grandecom.rc. Just open it up, and look for some
    >> unusual things like
    >> nntp.posted.grandecom.rc: 1-121463,121466-121476, 121500-150000
    >> Just remove everything between the "1-" and "150000". Do this with TB
    >> closed, then when you restart it, things should be back to normal.
    >> Or, delete the *.msf file for the newsgroup, such as:
    >> do this with TB closed. When you restart TB, you will have to
    >> redownload all the messages again.

    > thanks Peter, I never could find the files you suggested, but I did go
    > to File, and in it I saw get next 500 messages, and it loaded them. I
    > hit it again, and another 500 came down. So guess I am better set up,
    > even thought it may not be the right way. Everything is set correctly
    > in the Accounts settings. I have never had a problem with Grande before
    > when I was using Outlook Express, but this new beast called Vista is
    > running me in circles. I was desprate, so I do have a cross reply in
    > That's something I just never do. Thanks for your reply.

    In Vista go to start search and put in %AppData% which will lead you to
    the TB profile.
    Frank, Aug 14, 2009
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