Re: Need Some Newsgroup Help Please

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Popcorn wrote:
    > Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
    >> Popcorn wrote:
    >>> In this newsgroup it shows 34,345 files downloaded. When I open
    >>> it only shows 64 files, which is all that's there.
    >>> It never seems to update itself. I know there are more than 64
    >>> files. I have opened Account setting for the newsgroup, and as far
    >>> as I can tell, all are checked, and unchecked correctly. At times it
    >>> ask for user name to open the files. That is unchecked. Is this
    >>> just the nature of the newsgroups in Thunderbird? I would appreciate
    >>> any direction anyone could steer me in.
    >>> thank you

    >> it could be a couple of things. First, it could be a server problem.
    >> I don't mean a newsgroup problem, but a server one. The server is
    >> where you're getting your newsgroups from, which seems to be [I think]
    >> nntp.posted.grandecom. Some servers will only keep, for example, only
    >> 30 days of postings. After that, they're removed from the server.
    >> It could also be your settings: Tools, Account Settings, select the
    >> account, and under Offline & Disk Space, you may have it set to remove
    >> old messages after a certain date, or something else.
    >> You need to edit the .rc file for your news server. You'll find it in
    >> the TB Profile. Depending on your news server, but it might look like
    >> this: nntp.posted.grandecom.rc. Just open it up, and look for some
    >> unusual things like
    >> nntp.posted.grandecom.rc: 1-121463,121466-121476, 121500-150000
    >> Just remove everything between the "1-" and "150000". Do this with TB
    >> closed, then when you restart it, things should be back to normal.
    >> Or, delete the *.msf file for the newsgroup, such as:
    >> do this with TB closed. When you restart TB, you will have to
    >> redownload all the messages again.

    > thanks Peter, I never could find the files you suggested, but I did go
    > to File, and in it I saw get next 500 messages, and it loaded them. I
    > hit it again, and another 500 came down. So guess I am better set up,
    > even thought it may not be the right way. Everything is set correctly
    > in the Accounts settings. I have never had a problem with Grande before
    > when I was using Outlook Express, but this new beast called Vista is
    > running me in circles. I was desprate, so I do have a cross reply in
    > That's something I just never do. Thanks for your reply.

    since you're using vista, the reason you couldn't find
    the files is because the files are hidden. To unhide
    window files, then you can read this:

    As for File, Get the Next 500 messages, yeah, I fogot
    that, too.

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    Peter Potamus & His Magic Flying Balloon:
    Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo, Aug 14, 2009
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