Re: Need product (not license) numbers from an XP Home SP3 retail disc

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Tony, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Tony

    Tony Guest

    Try slipstreaming SP3 into the windows xp home version. Then burn a copy and
    send it to them.

    Some Guy wrote:

    > In need of some help here...
    > Does anyone here have a retail copy of Windows XP Home SP3 (32 bit)? I need
    > to know the part number and/or product ID (which will start with an "x" and
    > which may or may not be labeled as a part number or product ID) that is
    > physically silk-screened onto the front of the disc...and possibly the set
    > of numbers from the other side of the disc on the label around the hole as
    > well.
    > The part number is not the same thing as the license key. I wanted to
    > mention that so everyone knows I'm not trying to pirate the software. The
    > part number on every copy of XP Home SP3 retail (32 bit) ever printed is
    > exactly the same. It's just like an SKU as far as Microsoft is concerned.
    > Anyway, I've managed to get myself into a long distance corner with someone
    > else's old XP machine. We ran an upgrade in place to get her current install
    > up to SP3 but the new install won't take her pre-SP3 product key (even
    > though we were installing the same version of XP) and Microsoft won't supply
    > a working license key without the part numbers from the CD which neither of
    > us have as she doesn't have the original installation media and the disc I
    > sent her is burned from an ISO downloaded from the Microsoft Developer
    > Network.
    > Like I said, the part number is not the license key. We aren't pirating. I'm
    > just trying to get her machine re-licensed and re-activated and Microsoft
    > won't help without the part numbers off of the disc. (There may be an
    > additional set of numbers printed around the hole on the other side of the
    > disc as well.) So...if you have or can easily lay your hands on a retail
    > copy of XP SP3 and can post those numbers, it would be a HUGE help.

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    Tony, Jan 28, 2010
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