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Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by John Loop, Sep 7, 2004.

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    "BertS" <> wrote in message
    > StarCad wrote:
    > > Hi all, it's been awhile since I've been to this group.
    > >
    > > I need some help, I have a Toshiba Tecra 8200 P3 20 gig HD running Win98
    > >
    > > There is a bad sector ( long file name )on the hard drive preventing it

    > > booting. I've tried to replace the hard drive with a drive from Toshiba
    > > (supposed to be the same make and model ) but it will not recognize the

    > > drive.
    > >
    > > If I try to fdisk and reformat the old drive it says the boot sector

    > > be found and then asks to abort,retry,fail.
    > >
    > > Does Toshiba prevent me from reformatting this drive somehow? Why will

    > > not recognize the new drive?
    > >
    > > Any help at this point would be appreciated.
    > >
    > > Thanks - Guy Fuller
    > >
    > >

    > Try this: get a win98 boot disk and make sure it has a file called

    > after you have booted with it.
    > <quoted from one of my messages dated back in 2000 in this newsgroup. The
    > original comes from a message in the OS/2 Fidonet conference and I don't
    > remember who to thank for this>
    > Next time you run into this problem get a copy of real DOS, boot the
    > system with it and use the following DEBUG script to wipe the boot
    > sector. This routine will do a COMPLETE wipe of the boot sector (great
    > for getting rid of drive overlay code, boot sector viruses, Linux LILO
    > code, etc.:
    > a:\>DEBUG
    > - f 200 L200 0
    > - a 100
    > xxxx:0100 mov ax,301 (ignore segment:eek:ffset values at left)
    > xxxx:0103 mov bx,200
    > xxxx:0106 mov cx,1
    > xxxx:0109 mov dx,0080 (0080=C:, 0081=D:, 0082=E:, etc.)
    > xxxx:010C int 13
    > xxxx:010E int 3
    > xxxx:010F (press ENTER an extra time here)
    > - d 100 LF
    > xxxx:0100 B8 01 03 BB 00 02 B9 01-00 BA 80 00 CD 13 CC
    > (make sure that hex values match above line before proceeding)
    > (if values do not match, type Q and start over)
    > (BA 80 00 should be BA 81 00 for Drive D:, BA 82 00 for E:, etc.)
    > - g=100
    > (ignore register display)
    > - q (quit back to DOS)
    > FDISK should now show "No partitions defined".
    > You might want to file this one away for future reference.
    > <End of quote>
    > Any version of debug.exe will work but you must boot from a floppy to run

    > debug.exe is a DOS utility and what this does is to hand assenble a

    > that will blank out track 0 sector 0 of the drive. Then you run it (the

    > line) and it puts zero in 0:0 for 512 bytes.
    > This __may__ fix your problem as long as track 0 sector 0 is still viable.

    > it has been thrashed (unlikely in the replacement drive) then you need to

    > a new, good drrive.
    > By the way, is there a drive select jumper in that drive? Coud it be set

    > select the drive as the second drive?
    > Do let me know if it works.
    > Bert

    I think you can also boot knoppix (linux) from CDROM, and then do a DD to
    clean boot sector.
    Knoppix is GREAT for this stuff. You have access to "cfdisk" "qtparted" ,
    "partimage" "dd" all kinds of stuff.....
    I have not personally cleaned it, but have copied, written MBR using this.
    You may need to mount drive first....
    "dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/hda count=1 bs=512" might work....
    -- Safe Computing, Home wired and wireless networking tips.
    ....You spend your whole life figuring out what you should have done with it,
    let alone what it was all about. And then your children get to do it all
    over again..
    John Loop, Sep 7, 2004
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