Re: Need basic web building course either online or as a book

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by why?, May 23, 2009.

  1. why?

    why? Guest

    On Sat, 23 May 2009 11:00:58 +0100, T wrote:

    You could habve looked in past posts first.

    Check some of my old ones with other links, including yale style guide.

    >I have been given the task of building the intranet pages for my section at
    >work. I do not have any HTML skills. I need a course either online or as a
    Quire a few good courses, Intro & Level 2 HTML, CSS ditto,

    others courses like -
    - Web Content Writing
    Learn effective skills and techniques for writing effective web content.

    - Legal Issues for Web Designers and Content Managers
    Learn about information security, copyright and trademark laws.

    If in US and accessability laws count, this course.
    - Introduction to Designing Accessible Websites
    Explore the area of web accessibility using a hand-on and project-based

    - Introduction to Web Design

    If you want interactive bits, they also do PHP,Ajax and JavaScript

    >book I can buy. The only tools I will have is Office 2007 which does not

    I hate to say this, then write it up as a DOC and save to HTML.

    About the only book I use now days are O'Reilly,
    CSS: The Definitive Guide , Third Edition
    By Eric A. Meyer
    November 2006

    HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide , Sixth Edition
    By Chuck Musciano, Bill Kennedy

    >include Front Page or any tool I can download for free or buy cheaply. The
    >company will not buy Dreamweaver.

    What you really want is a full blown GUI editor / page / content with
    style templates in place, sounds more like you want to produce content
    rather than learn, 'really' learn from scratch.

    The latter is of course the best way.

    >The company isn't too bothered about what it looks like, it is only for
    >internal use. As a matter of pride, I would like to make a decent job of
    >it. I don't see myself hand coding HTML in notepad.

    That's a good way, no clutter.

    Then use UltraEdit (not free), or any number of free HTML/CSS/Scripting
    color syntax highlighting editors.

    At least start off with valid templates for HTML etc.

    >Can anyone advise where to start?

    See my past posts in 24HSHD.

    >Thanks in advance.

    why?, May 23, 2009
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