Re: NASA World Wind doesn't work. help!

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by VanguardLH, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. VanguardLH

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    > Hi, I have just installed NASA World Wind 1.4 on 3 different PCs but
    > it doesn't work. When I click on its icon I am not able to open it.
    > Why do I have this problem?
    > My principal PC has windows 7 x64 and the other two windows 7 x86.
    > Help me please. Thanks!

    "World Wind SDK for Java. With this, developers can embed World Wind
    technology in their own applications."

    It's described as an SDK ( I have no
    familiarity with it (there are tons of SDKs around). "Doesn't work"
    says nothing to someone other than you. "Unable to open it" sounds like
    you think it is an end-user application. Does it even provide a
    programming GUI, like Visual Studio? If so, and because it's a Java
    SDK, do you have Sun Java run-time or SDK installed so you can run
    Java-coded programs (which their GUI might use)? Or is it just what it
    says it is: an SDK (software development kit)? That could mean all you
    get are libraries you can call from your program, so you'll have to
    write a program that calls those libraries.

    If you're having a problem using the SDK to include in your program's
    code or there is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) whose GUI
    isn't loading, looks like the only available contact is Pat Hogan listed
    on their web page. I didn't see mention of any forums. If you need
    help programming in Java and incorporating NASA's SDK into your Java
    program, a more focused Java programming newsgroup would be a better
    place to ask for help. A link on their home page directs you to their
    online documentation for their SDK, which is at:

    If instead you are talking about their World Wind app mentioned at, they have a "Contact Us"
    link there along with a link to their forums. I see when you visit that
    page that they give you links for forums for both the app and the Java
    SDK so whichever you are asking about has forums. You never mentioned
    WHICH "World Wind" product you were asking about or if it uses Java or
    ..NET ( shows download for
    both library types so it could be a problem with your Java or .NET
    run-time library installations.

    Presumably this app or SDK is going to connect somewhere to retrieve the
    image files or geo-imaging data. So if "won't open" isn't about a
    problem loading the program but in using it to see the images then maybe
    the problem is with your network connectivity, blocking of some hosts or
    domains by your security software or hosts file, a node in the path
    between you and their server is down or unresponsive, or their server is
    down or unresponsive. With the dearth of diagnostics info that you've
    provided so far, replies are going to be equally vague.

    According to,
    they have a "spoon" version (this has you download and run the program
    inside a virtualized app environment rather than install on your own
    host; see info at They note "(HTTP, requires
    browser plugin but has better Vista/7 compatibility)" so it appears
    there are known problems with the app under Windows Vista/7 and the
    virtualized app is more stable on those platforms.
    VanguardLH, Oct 3, 2011
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