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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by OldMan, Oct 15, 2008.

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    The HP supplied version of win will most likely be locked to the
    hardware/motherboard and would'nt install on a different mobo, thus you
    would need to source the mobo from HP
    512mb to 2GB is unlikely to give any huge increase in performance, though
    this may depend on software being used, and I assume the o/s is not Vista
    where 512mb would be snail like

    "Sydney Gondomer" <> wrote in message
    > On Wed, 15 Oct 2008 19:40:31 +1300, "PeeCee" <abuse@> wrote:
    >>"Sydney Gondomer" <> wrote in message
    >>> Top of the day mates,
    >>> I was told today by the Geek squad that my mother board had shorted
    >>> out and since they didn't try and trace tiny things like that I would
    >>> need a new mother board.
    >>> She said if they bought it and installed it, it would cost me around
    >>> $700.00
    >>> She said if I found a cheaper one myself and let them put it in, it
    >>> would cost me $70.00 that's much better.
    >>> MKy question is do I have to get another Hewlett Packard Media center
    >>> 873n motherboard, or can I purchase a newer and faster motherboard?
    >>> The newest ones only seemed to cost about $400.00. So I think I would
    >>> rather install a Dual quad processor or quad core, or whatever the
    >>> latest and greatest is called instead of installing another five year
    >>> old processor?
    >>> How does that work?
    >>> 6,600 Obama/Palin supporters and growing

    >>The HP motherboard (if available) will require the least work as all you
    >>(they?) will have to do is install the new motherboard and connect it up.
    >>Because the hardware is exactly the same, your Operating system should
    >>boot up and run just where you left it off.
    >>The quoted price of $700 sounds very expensive and I would be checking
    >>HP as to what the actual cost of the genuine part is.
    >>If you replace the motherboard with another brand/model you will run up
    >>against several 'issues"
    >>1 You may have to buy a new CPU & RAM as well unless you get a motherboard
    >>that takes your old CPU / RAM,
    >>Unless your PC is less than 1-2 years old there is little chance you can
    >>a motherboard new & will have to source one second hand.
    >>2 A newer motherboard/CPU/RAM combo is probably going to draw more power
    >>you have to consider replacing the power supply as well.
    >>HP power supplies are usually only just big enough for the original
    >>3 If your operating system does start on the new motherboard you (they)
    >>have to install all the drivers for the new hardware and most likely re
    >>activate the OS because of the new hardware.
    >>The more likely scenario is the OS won't start and you will have to do a
    >>fresh install of your OS.
    >>(This also applies when you need to refresh the OS in the future because
    >>Virus's age etc)
    >>The problem is your HP restore CD 'will not work' as the first thing it
    >>when you boot from it is to check it is going onto an HP motherboard of
    >>right type.
    >>As your new motherboard will 'not' be a Media-Center-PC-873n motherboard
    >>will simply refuse to install.
    >>So you now have to source a standard copy of your OS that will install ,
    >>new retail copy or borrow someone else's and hope your install key will be
    >>So at the end of the day consider your options carefully as it may be
    >>simpler and cheaper to just go buy a new box entirely.
    >>-- Posted on news:// - Complaints to
    >> --

    > Thanks Mr. PeeCee
    > I'll look for an identical mother board. The I will boost the ram from
    > 512mb to two GB. that should give me a huge speed increase. Enough to
    > make me feel like I have a new computer even though I still have a
    > five year old one.
    > That was an incredibly intelligent, and easy to understand response.
    > You and Dr. Penny are definitely top shelf people. When I grow up, I
    > want to be just like you two!
    > 6,666 members and growing
    > Thankee
    OldMan, Oct 15, 2008
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