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    I dont think any AV sortware can offer 100% protection. In the past I have been infected while using Norton system works AV, changed to MCAfee virus shield and got infected, so I avoid all products made by either of them. I happily used trend Micros PC-Cillan for a few years without any problems. But I became weary when they started to bundle things together like firewalls. So I changed to Zonealarms Professional with AVG and A squared. I like to be able to control my firewall settings independantly from everything else. I purchased CFOS to speed up my internet connection, but started to receive denial of service attack emails from my sitecom dc202 router which has a hardware firewall built it, as the dos attack was outgoing I was concerned. Luckily it was CFOS. However a friend suggested running peer gaurdian2 so I could review the outgoing log whenever I have some spare time. I was amazed to see blocked outgoing entries saying Dictionary Attack. My box had become a zombie, I read emails online and never open attachments. Having XP home you have limited options, I set up a console for security alerts and discovered that the guest account was logging on with privelege use eventhough the account is disabled. Back to factory settings with a destructive restore was my immediate choice. That was two weeks ago, I am now using ESET home security with intergrated firewall. I have also started using which allows you to upload file which it scans with every antivirus program and allows you to view the results. As for ESET I hope its a good choice, I made the decision to buy simply by the VB100 tests which ESET has won for the past 8 years with their NOD32 product, so heres hoping. Im used to problems at work normally caused by half wits installing things they shouldn't, but its different when it happens at home, I suppose it just goes to show none of us are immune.


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    abcd, Jul 11, 2008
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