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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Saildome, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Saildome

    Saildome Guest

    Two big thumbs up for the Bogen monopod swivel (Bogen #3232 or
    Manfrotto #234). A ball head on a monopod is overkill, whether you
    are mounting the camera body or the tripod collar of a big lens. Dave
    Martindale's post tells you the two ways it can be used. I personally
    use it to flop the camera body for verticals, and I tilt the entire
    monopod/swivel/camera unit to point up or down. See this link at
    Really Right Stuff:

    I wouldn't use the Bogen quick release, however. I use only Arca
    Swiss-type quick release gear with dedicated camera plates from Really
    Right Stuff or Kirk (

    Ponte Rotto

    (Dave Martindale) wrote in message news:<beevsm$dvk$>...
    > Manfrotto makes a "monopod head" that has only one axis of rotation.
    > It's intended to let you flip the camera from landscape to portrait
    > orientation, if you mount the camera with the head axis front/back.
    > But you can also mount the camera so the head axis runs left/right, and
    > then use it to tilt the camera up or down. This is a lot more practical
    > than tilting the whole monopod if what you're aiming at is more than 20
    > degrees above or below the horizon.
    > The Manfrotto head is nice and rigid when it's clamped, and adds only a
    > couple of inches of extra length. I think there are two models, the
    > #234 and #234RC. The former has a plain screw mount for the camera,
    > while the latter has a quick-release mount with a plate that you can
    > keep mounted on the base of your camera. It lets you attach and detach
    > the camera rapidly. Also, the clamping area of the quick-release mount
    > is square, so you can mount the camera on the head in the orientation
    > that gives either landscape/panorama switching, or camera tilt.
    > In the USA, the same head is probably sold under the Bogen label, with
    > some incomprehensibly different model number.
    Saildome, Jul 11, 2003
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