Re: mimeTypes.rdf problems in Firefox 3.0.7

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Rom, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Rom

    Rom Guest

    On Fri, 13 Mar 2009 19:03:43 -0400, wrote:

    > After upgrading to Firefox 3.0.7, I could not open
    > PDF, JPG, ... files. I got an error message saying that
    > I should save the file first.
    > I was helped on this NG: the advice (available at
    > to download or save files
    > .. This will resolve an issue in which Firefox tries to open
    > executable files that results in the error, <filename> could not be
    > opened, because an unknown error occurred. Try saving to disk first
    > and then opening this file)
    > seemed to work. I just removed the mimeTypes.rdf file from my
    > Profile directory and things were fine for a night.
    > Now, I am back to the same problem!! And removing
    > mimeTypes.rdf no longer works.
    > I find that when I click on, say a JPEG attachment
    > in Yahoo mail, a file called

    Does this only happen with Yahoo Mail site (which I don't use)?

    Try this, go to <>, and
    if (like me) you don't have a TIFF plugin installed and working, I
    click the "viewed standalone" link and be presented with a "Open
    <file>" window, and I leave "Open with <my default viewer for TIFF>"
    selected and do *not* check the 'do this automatically...'.

    The "dscf1665.tiff" file is (temporarily) saved to (on my OS)
    "C:\Users\username>\AppData\Local\Temp". When the file has downloaded
    and saved my image viewer launches and opens the file for viewing.

    The file should also be listed in the Downloads (Tools > Downloads).

    > [8character_string].jpg.part

    Why does it have a .part file extension?
    The .part file extension usually means an incomplete file.

    If I download any file from a web site and save it to any folder,
    while the file is downloading, it's incomplete and the file has a
    ..part file extension.

    > gets created in the Temp directory and the error message
    > pops up. After clicking the "OK" for error message, I find
    > that the above file is, with the correct file name, is
    > created in the Temp directory.
    > This is a *major* nuisance!
    > Any help on really getting rid of it would be welcome.

    Wouldn't the [8character_string].jpg.part be saved to the temp folder
    with that same name and a .part file extension?

    As no app should be associated with .part, did/do you check
    "[x] Do this automatically for files like this from now on."?

    Rom, Mar 15, 2009
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