Re: Microsoft win2k and XP , hidden & Temp files and such. Cache, URLS, ERASE , PURGE

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by kraken, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. kraken

    kraken Guest

    "Jelly" <> wrote in message
    > I read all this CACHE CLEAN stuff, here and wonder about all this
    > worry and such.
    > First off.
    > If you are doing something illegal on your computer , your efforts to
    > remove it will be wasted.
    > You run your cleaner ( 500 titles, on last look)
    > Run HistoryKill or Cookie and Cache killer programs and they will kill
    > the user.dat file
    > or at least attempt it and on reboot try again.
    > The reason it is hard to kill is because WINDOWS has this file locked.
    > If windows can't own its locked files , then your silly GUI goes dead.
    > BY DESIGN !
    > Lets say you have a new 80gig hard drive. ( you poor devil)
    > Now in order to clean your TRACKS, you must find all these files and
    > delete them.
    > This will keep you busy most the day. I feel your pain.
    > Ah, but deleting does, not delete files, ( it only Marks them as
    > deleted,with full content).
    > Well, you then must delete them or better use Norton Military file
    > WIPE.
    > this will erase it 7 times with many file patterns. 0xAA , 0xFF , 00
    > , 0xfF ,etc.
    > Another day wasted. I assume you emptied your waste basket at each
    > delete.
    > If you really do something illegal and your hard drive ends up at the
    > FBI, they have
    > special harddrive analysist systems with special analog heads that can
    > read your platters.
    > This is called ghost domain reading. If you are a Kiddy Porn seller ,
    > you should wake up.
    > The FBI will find you. Thank God, for the FBI.
    > Now if all you are doing, is trying to protect MOM from seeing your
    > porn, then run Windows Washer 48 (latest) and pray it does a good job.
    > If this is not enough, then search out all the files mentioned in this
    > GROUP and delete them.
    > I see people wondering why the Cache folders are random names,
    > It is says right in the MS OS eng. documentation on line , that this
    > is, to make it hard for damn crackers, that have already broken into
    > your system ,figure out what cache belongs, to whom.
    > Etc.
    > It is just low level protection that MS is using here, not some
    > Communist threat.
    > Just giving you a little protection, because you forgot, what a fire
    > wall, is all about.
    > The hiding is not for you honest people, it is for the CROOKS !
    > Just speed bumps for the Cracker, nothing less.
    > Keep an open mind and remember computers have many I/O points of
    > interface.
    > Here is a list of protection steps:
    > Delete your files ( per this massive group list , USER.dat ,etc, etc)
    > then ERASE and do a MIL. Spec WIPE FILE on all deleted files and all
    > empty space.
    > After all, empty space was your files,at one time ( you cant prove it
    > wasnt ,if you run Defrag , like a good computer geek).
    > Now wipe all Empty space.
    > Now wipe all SLACK space. ( tricky this is ,but it is real and has
    > your links in it !!)
    > Now wipe your PAGE FILE. ( this is fun and tricky all rolled into
    > one.)
    > Now last, if you sell your computer, run Norton Wipe Disk or
    > take your computer hard disk apart, remove the platter and
    > and then rub a rare earth high power magnet over every inch of every
    > platter top and bottom.
    > then throw this sucker off the nearest bridge at 3am. ( ours is 300 to
    > 600 feet deep water)
    > The magnet will saturate the domains in a very radical way. Way past
    > what any Electronic MR heads can operate.
    > Hard drives are very complex devices and It is very interesting about
    > what goes on inside.
    > Go to and read the engineering manuals. It is very good
    > stuff.
    > I might mention one more little trick ,
    > Did you know that the hard drive , all by itself can find a bad
    > sectors and replace it with a good ones. This is why we don't ever
    > find bad sectors , these days. ( Did you notice this?)
    > now I wonder what data ( of mine,yours) was on the bad sector, MURPHY
    > says it is URL links and other incriminating , information that any
    > tech or engineer can extract.
    > Think ,then think again about using your computer to document any
    > illegal activity.
    > It is just a perfect plateform for the authorities to use against you.
    > It is no different than the dumb idiots that wash blood off a carpet
    > thinking ,gee they won't find that blood. ( you are fooling your
    > self , if you think you can erase data, effectively).
    > How ever my simple Magnet trick would be taxing to most ( readers).
    > Have fun and stay clean.
    > PS:
    > I will now expain slack space , many? dont know what it is.
    > (It is tricky and shows how easy it is to read peoples deleted
    > information)
    > I you have a letter to your mom that is 1.024 bytes long.(2 clusters)
    > then you delete it .
    > then some time later you create a new letter to dad from scratch.
    > then this new file just happens to be a Cluster from the old letter
    > from your mom , located in delete space ( delete = empty and available
    > to the OS).
    > Now this letter to dad is only 513 bytes long. ( uses 2 clusters,
    > again)[ the same two, too )
    > Now if you open this letter and look at it in a hex editor (or binary
    > if you prefer) and look past the 513th byte or so , you (may) will see
    > part of your old letter to mom. [ Isnt that precious?]
    > this space , past the end of file maker is the slack space in a file
    > record.
    > Each HDD has its own rule for minimum cluster size and this is a
    > constant on your system.
    > It varies by HDD size. By Design.
    > Yes, you can buy an editor that back fills slack space with 0's but
    > most everything else does not, as it is wasteful of time.
    > \
    > Signed:
    > Mr. Jelly of WA.
    > I am a computer technician ( 1968 to present) and a retired test
    > engineer , DRAM , EPROMS, gate arrays and Microprocessors. I used to
    > work for Intel and Philips.
    > This advice comes free and I hope it helps you all.

    That was a really good read! thanks for posting :)
    kraken, Aug 18, 2003
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  2. kraken

    Lord Shaolin Guest

    "kroesjnov" <> wrote in message
    > kraken wrote:
    > > That was a really good read! thanks for posting :)

    > Perhaps you care not to quote any text you do not reply to directly next
    > time?
    > tia
    > --
    > "Wisdom lies not in obtaining knowledge, but in using it in the right way"
    > - kroesjnov
    > email: rnet (remove inter to reply)
    > UIN: 85685870
    > MSN:

    Says the person with a 9 line signature..


    -+ Shaolin +-
    Discard what is useless, absorb what is not and
    add what is uniquely your own.

    .: :.
    Lord Shaolin, Aug 18, 2003
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  3. kraken

    Paul Guest

    In article <bhq9q0$gtq$>, kroesjnov
    <> writes
    >kraken wrote:
    >> That was a really good read! thanks for posting :)

    >Perhaps you care not to quote any text you do not reply to directly next

    Your sig is too long
    Paul B The irony of the Information Age is that it has given new
    respectability to uninformed opinion. - John Lawton
    Paul, Aug 18, 2003
  4. tia

    I was thinking the same thing. Most newbies to email and some oldbies have
    this irritating habit.
    They are prpbably unaware of it or don't care.


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    > kraken wrote:

    > Perhaps you care not to quote any text you do not reply to directly next
    > time?
    > tia
    Eldridge Currie, Aug 18, 2003
  5. kraken


    Re: Microsoft win2k and XP , hidden & Temp files and such. Cache, URLS, ERASE, PURGE

    test text
    , Oct 11, 2003
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