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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Wizard, Mar 5, 2005.

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    **** off you mad slut

    "Miss Perspicacia Tick" <> wrote in message
    > Michael Myhill wrote:
    >> I have purchased windows me software,but cannot
    >> remove windows 98. any suggestions?

    > Yes. Return ME from whence it came and, if your computer is up to it
    > (see
    > purchase XP Home. Windows ME retails upgrade retails for around £55
    > (where it's still sold). For an extra tenner you can purchase XP Home
    > and enjoy a far more stable computing experience (I've not had to
    > reinstall in 18 months - you can't say that about 9x/ME!). I'm afraid
    > the idea that 'ME' stood for 'Millennium Edition' was just marketing
    > on MS's part - what it actually stood for was 'Major Error' - it was
    > the biggest load of cack MS ever released - and Gates has even
    > admitted that himself.
    > Please bear in mind that the minimum specs are exactly that - the bare
    > minimum that to install XP. For a more pleasant computing experience,
    > I would recommend: -
    > Late P3 (and by that I mean 1.4GHz or so)
    > 512MB RAM
    > At least a 40GB hard disc
    > Decent graphics card (*NOT* on board, unless all you're using it for
    > is office-type tasks)
    > Do yourself a favour - do *NOT* attempt to install ME - you'll make
    > yourself ill!
    Wizard, Mar 5, 2005
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