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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Respondant, Aug 30, 2006.

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    Respondant wrote:
    > SgtMinor wrote:
    >> Respondant wrote:
    >>> David Matthew Wood wrote:
    >>>> In article <>,
    >>>> "Respondant" <> wrote:
    >>>>> SgtMinor wrote:
    >>>>>> Ron Martell wrote:
    >>>>>>> 63.shtml
    >>>>>>> Ron Martell Duncan B.C. Canada
    >>>>>> If true, this is very depressing news. I don't know of a single
    >>>>>> instance where mankind was well served by a monopoly.
    >>>>> BZZZZZT! How's it a 'monopoly' when you have other choices
    >>>>> available to you, some of which are free?
    >>>>> Nobody forced you to buy a PC. You could have just as easily
    >>>>> purchased a Mac.
    >>>>> And nobody IS forcing you to run a Microsoft OS on your PC, if
    >>>>> that's the platform you opted for.
    >>>>> <more monopoly stuff snipped>
    >>>> Umm.. no, actually Microsoft has been trying to force this many
    >>>> times. Can we say Java (which thank GOD they lost)? Can we say
    >>>> Internet Explorer or sites that only work with Internet Explorer
    >>>> running in Windows, when HTML is by definition supposed to be
    >>>> completely 100% compatible and cross platform? Can we say Active
    >>>> X? Can we say...... my Verizon Wireless Samsung SCH-a950 cell
    >>>> phone which I had to "hack" (although I wouldn't call it hacking,
    >>>> but it is something that involved voiding the warranty) so that I
    >>>> could re-enable the mp3 player on it and use that, instead of
    >>>> having to convert all my already lossey mp3s to close ended Windows
    >>>> Media Audio format - which by the way, would have involved building
    >>>> a machine to put Windows XP and WMP 10 on it if I wanted to do it
    >>>> the "official" way? And what about content that will only play in
    >>>> the latest version of Windows Media Player - which by the way, will
    >>>> only run in Windows?
    >>> Perhaps you need to learn the definition of the word, 'monopoly'?
    >>> 1. (economics) a market in which there are many buyers but only one
    >>> seller;
    >>>> Yeah...No monopoly there.
    >>> Correct.

    >> The longer you persist with this line of argument, the dumber
    >> you're going to look. Perhaps not 100% dumb, but dumb enough.

    > Until now I wasn't arguing *anything* other than the definition of
    > the word 'monopoly'.
    >> From:
    >> "Features of a Monopoly
    >> When we discuss a monopoly, or oligopoly, etc. we're discussing
    >> the market for a particular type of product, such as toasters or
    >> DVD players. In the textbook case of a monopoly, there is only one
    >> firm producing the good.

    > Which is obviously not the case as it pertains to this discussion, so
    > you just shot yourself in the foot. Again.
    >> In a real world monopoly, such as the operating system monopoly,
    >> there is one firm that provides the overwhelming majority of sales
    >> (Microsoft), and a handful of small companies that have little or
    >> no impact on the dominant firm."

    > I love that. A "real world monopoly".
    > Who defined the "real world"? An Apple employee? :)
    > But just for the sake of argument let's say I accept the terminology.
    > So what? Whose fault is that? Last time I checked this was still
    > America. (Although it's getting more and more difficult to tell these
    > days) Land of free enterprise. There is nothing stopping you or
    > anyone else from building a better mousetrap, (pun intended) and
    > marketing it to the public.

    Yes. I KNOW Usenet is world-wide, so before anybody gets a bug up their ass
    and starts down that road, I wrote what I wrote above because ALL parties
    involved in this little portion of the thread are based in America. MS,
    Apple, Sgt Minor, and myself.

    >> Most of us live in the real world.

    > Sometimes I wonder.
    Respondant, Aug 30, 2006
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