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Discussion in 'MCSA' started by Kevin J. USA, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. Kevin J. USA

    Kevin J. USA Guest

    Braindumps users only end up making a fool out of
    themselves in the real world. There are a lot of paper
    certs out there who dont even know the basics for the
    job. Nothing like good studying and practices. If you are
    not yet in the feild I encourage any one who want to get
    certified to invest in a couple of pc for there home and
    set up a lab.
    >-----Original Message-----
    >Using Braindumps prove only one thing ..that you have

    good memory. Working
    >in the IT industry requires knowledge and understanding

    of concepts and
    >principles which can only be gained from practicing and

    studying hard. Do
    >you know how frustrating it is to see some reply to an

    email with MCSE as an
    >acolade, and does not know what a UNC path is. Has never

    used winzip. Does
    >not know what an MSD report is let alone generate one.

    Cannot create a share
    >or understand why they get prompted for username and

    password when
    >connecting to another computer.I went to school for

    little over six months
    >and during that whole six months , my average nightly

    sleep was 2-3 hours.
    >That's been over two years now and I can counthow many

    times I have gone to
    >bed before 2 am. And I must go to work. I started out

    with only knowing how
    >to play solitaire, today I have built so many computers,

    and networks at
    >home, I have raked up 5 years experience in 2/1/2 years.

    And now you come to
    >support Braindumps! Well how about going to surgeon who

    gained his Doctorate
    >by memorising braindumps! That is exactly what is

    hapening these days.
    >Peolpe like you failed to path your servers and allowed

    code red to gain
    >status.....a patch released to fix the issue 6 months

    before. You give me a
    >headache. And the sad thing is that people who have

    toiled and know what
    >they are doing are out of a job while lousy cheaters are

    making Net Admins
    >job. Idon't know why Bill does not monitor these groups

    and decertify your
    >cheeting ass.
    >"steven" <> wrote in message
    >> hi all , i just want to get something straight, i know
    >> there is alot of people who are moaning about certain
    >> ways in which people study to take mcp exams, ie
    >> braindumps, is this a bad thing as not everyone is in a
    >> ideal position to spend a lot of their time studying or
    >> able to afford a long periods to study at college etc.

    >> just think that if you do use braindumps and various
    >> other paperwork then once you pass/fail the exams then
    >> its in their best interests to then study hard or they
    >> will fall flat on their faces once they are tested on
    >> interviews etc. Do any others agree with me??

    Kevin J. USA, Aug 5, 2003
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