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    On May 29, 8:21 pm, SI Committee <>
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    > The Committee

    Tim 1: Looks like a Dpreview studio shot.
    Tim 2: Focus is a the back of the scene.
    Tim 3: Very washed-out looking.
    Savage 1: Ok, should have dulled down the bright flash, produced a
    bright highlight. Driver needs to take q-tip to the left-over polish
    around the emblem.
    Savage 2: Nice, smooth-looking, somewhat abstract.
    Savage 3: Ok, I detect the slightest hint of motion-blur.
    Bowser 1: I like it. It’s almost orthographic in nature.
    Bowser 2; Interesting, like a lake taken from high altitude.
    Bowser 3: Lighting a bit harsh, but it does convey the “metalicity”
    of the object. I think I’d have cropped out the stand a bit.
    Sid 1: Not bad. Reasonable 3D representation. I might have made the
    top and bottom defocused hole areas more symmetrical to one another,
    the top one is partially cut-off.
    Sid 2: Pretty good, but conventional. The interesting part are the
    stamens. I’d have closed in a bit on them, if the lens permitted.
    Sid 3: Conventional, but nice. Petals have a bluish tinge, likely
    from the sky.
    FrankEss 1: I don’t know about this one. It’s interesting to have
    defocused the bee and focused the ant. Image shows typical
    shortcomings of P&S’s, harsh contrast. It’s ok.
    FrankEss 2: Only problem with the shot is that the dimmer areas
    should have been made dimmer still. Raised shadows from a P&S look
    gritty and blotchy and ugly.
    FrankEss 3: Eh. I’d have taken the dark areas full-black. There are
    specs there.
    DanPetre1: I like it, despite the PS’d speed emphasis. Maybe cut a
    strip off the sky.
    Bobflint 1: That is a neat shot! Like a race, or a family outing!
    Bobflint 2: Kind of conventional.
    Bobflint 3: Pretty good. Whites are nicely separated. Always liked
    the D90’s image quality.
    AndrewReilly 1: It’s a pretty good shot, but I’d have used f16 to
    keep the trunk more in-focus.
    AndrewReilly 2: Good shot. Needs more colour.

    AndrewReilly 3: Again, pretty decent, minor red edge on the wire is a
    bit distracting. Might want to clone out the residual dust spots on
    the film.
    MacroMG: Nice-looking flower shot, good colour, crop out the
    distraction at the top.
    MGCraneflower: Ok shot, a shallow DOF would have helped here, but not
    possible with a P&S.
    MG ladybugs: Nice enough shot, but needs a tad more colour and
    contrast. An interesting approach might have been a side shot (they
    are curving around the trunk of the tree).
    Chemiker old1: Good shot of a black butterfly. A little faded
    looking. Cut off a bit of the tail.
    Chemiker 2: Not bad. Elimination of the background is ok, though I
    might have used a narrow light source hitting the gems.
    MarthaCoe 1: Ok close-up, except for the blurred, distracting stem in
    the foreground.
    MarthaCoe 2: A nice, symmetric close-up. The unfurled inner petals
    make it a bit more interesting than the usual.
    MarthaCoe 3: I like the shot, but some repositioning could have
    avoided the blurred object on the bottom left.
    PeterNewmanDahlia: Good colour, pizzazz, but it’s not quite sharp.
    PeterNewmanOrchid: I like this shot. Fanatics might have used a lens
    brush to remove the tiny black specs from the top of the flower, but
    otherwise, it’s impressive.
    PeterNewmanDahlia145: Image is too small here, increasing size would
    increase perception of depth.
    AlanBrown3: Honestly? Boring!!!
    AlanBrown1: Pretty good spider shot, a real macro for a change. Be
    nice if the contrast had been controllable, but sometimes it’s hard to
    control lighting in such a situation. F16 with a ring flash would be
    a good way to get this kind of thing.
    AlanBrown2: This is an interesting shot. Good texture, isolated
    focus works and I wonder what made the scratch marks on the fungus??!
    TonyCooperI’mavailable: Probably going for a high-key look? It’s
    almost self-luminous, I’d have toned down the edginess.
    TonyCooperJustaprettyface: Very good shot of the creature.
    TonyCooperRoseinbloom: Nice-looking shot, interesting texturing
    RichA, May 31, 2012
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