Re: Losing Audio on TV Tuner card - Solution

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Nick Le Lievre, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. >Problem: My audio on my capture card kept going out every few minutes.
    >Before I get into the problem I would like to describe my system:
    >Tyan S2466n-4M dual motherboard
    >(2) AMD 2400+ MP processors
    >512 Kingston PC2100 ECC Ram
    >Tyan G9000 64mb video card
    >120gb Maxtor Hard drive (8mb Cache)
    >80gb Maxtor Hard drive
    >Toshiba DVD/CDR Burner combo drive
    >Sony Dru500ax DVD Burner
    >SoundBlaster Live 5.1
    >DLink wireless Network Card.
    >I am running Windows XP and everything is up to date.
    >Since this is a new system I wanted the best capture card I could
    >afford and I read reviews on the Asus Tv-Tuner (tv880). So I ordered
    >that card and notice that when I installed everything and started
    >using it every time I would watch tv the sound would go out.
    >I made sure my sound blaster drivers and tuner card drivers were up to
    >date. I also double checked the connections and even connected the
    >speakers to the tuner card. It did not matter I kept losing audio.
    >Every now and again I notice that the sound would stay in for a while
    >and I could record but usually when I reboot my machine the problem
    >would start all over again. So I packed up the card and shipped it
    >back to Asus with a RMA in hopes of getting a better card. Then I
    >decided to uses a TView99 card I had until my Asus card was sent.
    >To my amazement that card that had work flawlessly over a year and a
    >half was having the same problems as the Asus. So at the end of my
    >rope I decided to see if anything was running when the sound would go
    >out. Sure enough it was Norton Antivirus and Microsoft Messenger.
    >Solution: If you are using NAV make sure that it is not checking MSN.
    >You will need to open NAV and tell it not to protect MSN instant
    >messenger. Other wises it will check every 2 minutes or so which for
    >me would kill my audio. Even though I don't use MSN and had it
    >disabled it still went to check it.
    >I really posted this cause I want to help anyone who is having a
    >similar problem because I spent a lot of time trying to figure this
    >one out. Now if you don't have any problems that is good :) If you do
    >use MSN and you are having problems try this out.
    >Well I hope I help someone :)

    Thanks I just started recording tv on my PC and will use TMPGEnc DVD Author
    to author onto dvd-rand I had the same problem with my Pinnacle PCTV Rave
    and Norton Antivirus 2003 (messenger protection is only available in 2003
    and above). I haven`t used my card much recently but I know it used to work
    finehowever I was having the sound cut out or drop in my recording program
    PowerVCR II and also Pinnaclesowen PCTV application - when I found your post
    on google-groups it made sense so I disabled instantmessenger checking in
    NAV 2003 and thats solved the problem.Thanks a lot.
    Nick Le Lievre, Oct 15, 2003
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