Re: Limiting Broadband Speed?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Jeff Strickland, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. The limitation is the cable. Unless all of your computers are all engaged in
    high-demand operations all at the same time, you are going to get all that
    there is.

    To have one machine compromise another, it would have to be engaged in some
    active activity -- video or music downloads, for example. A computer that is
    merely turning pages does not slow your other machines to any appreciable
    degree. Odds are that your neighbors are playing video clips or downloading
    music, and they are taking up the bandwidth that makes yu run slow.

    "John" <> wrote in message
    > Is there any way to limit the broadband speed to one of the computers
    > on your home network? Any kind of software that can do this so that
    > you can allocate more speed to the systems that need it and less to
    > those that don't?
    > Thanks,
    > John
    Jeff Strickland, Nov 16, 2008
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  2. "John" <> wrote in message
    > On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 08:33:03 -0800, "Jeff Strickland"
    > <> wrote:
    >>The limitation is the cable. Unless all of your computers are all engaged
    >>high-demand operations all at the same time, you are going to get all that
    >>there is.

    > At certain times they are that's why I'd like to be able to limit
    > speeds so the more important tasks can get the priority for speed and
    > bandwidth.

    My point is, you can do this for free by limiting the use of your own
    machines. If you have a home network, and all are gaming on the 'net at
    once, then yoiu might see a reduction in service. But, if your wife is
    checking email and reading the news, your gaming experience will never know
    she is alive, not to mention online.

    Your experience is far more greatly affected by your neighbors than by your
    own household, which is a major complaint of broadband service.

    You are asking for a device that improves the QoS (Quality of Service) to
    one machine on your network at the expense of the others. Your request is a
    reasonable one, but in a home network, it is not economically supportable
    because you can do the same thing by simply telling the wife and kids that
    you are working and need the Internet. You can't tell this to your neighbors
    because they are also "working," and are pissed that you are robbing them of
    bandwidth. You can not recover bandwidth that they are using, you can only
    recover bandwidth that your own network is using, and you can recover this
    for free.
    Jeff Strickland, Nov 30, 2008
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