Re: Kodak recommendations - DX6490 vs CX6330 vs CX6200 v. DX6340

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Ron Hunter, May 8, 2006.

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    Jeff wrote:

    > Okay; a lot of choices here...and a huge price range.
    > My wife has fallen in love with the $200 printer docking station.
    > That, and teh simplicity of the Kodak camera itself. Which, frankly,
    > is something that I like too. While I consider myself intelligent, I
    > know next to nothing about picture taking and don't want to fiddle
    > with EVERY switch on the camera.
    > The main thing we want to take pictures of is our 3 year old little
    > boy. I understand that shutter lag and ISO exposure is the most
    > important thing in getting a clear shot with a 3 year old always on
    > the move.
    > My question is, and a rather borad one, which is the best camera for
    > my needs? I would prefer NOT to spend $500 on the DX6490 but if the
    > difference is that great, I will do so.
    > I have played with the cameras in person and it seems as thoguh the
    > DX6490 has a much quicker picture / shorter lag time then anything
    > else; obviously it'll take a better picture with the higher pixel
    > rate; I've also read some concerns about the compression. Is this
    > something to truly be concerned about when rarely a picture will
    > exceed 8x10?
    > Thanks for your help.
    > Jeff

    From the specs, the 6490 has a pretty short lag time. Taking pictures
    of children with flash isn't a problem (although I don't like the
    effects of flash and try to avoid it). The 6490 (and most other Kodak
    cameras) moderate the flash for the distance setting pretty well, so it
    isn't as bad as many cameras where the flash almost always washes out
    skin tones.

    However, I feel that the 6490 may be overkill for your needs. Something
    like the 6340 might be as serviceable, if you are willing to use flash
    on those occasions where the action is too fast for available light.
    Note also that when trying to capture the antics of children, the movie
    mode can often be the only choice that will really catch the moment.
    Don't ignore it.

    As for resolution, as much as you can afford gives the best results.
    Ron Hunter, May 8, 2006
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