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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Fulgencio, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Fulgencio

    Fulgencio Guest

    Thanks Ron for your attention.

    After two weeks I was able to solve the problem. One of the modules
    of the EasyShare did not load (ESScore) beacuse "the administrator
    did not allow it". There is no administrator in a ME machine not part
    of a network. Neither the log file nor the tri-code error shed any
    light on the problem.

    I was able to install the software using my wife settings. This
    suggests that my USER.DAT registry was at fault.

    Thanks again.


    #:Greetings Fulgenico,
    #:I am not familiar with the tricode error. As you likely know, Kodak uses 3
    #:error codes in EasyShare software to better diagnose any problems you may
    #:experience. This allows Kodak software support to quickly and more
    #:efficiently assist anyone that experiences an issue with our software. It
    #:doesn't happen very often, but when it does we can get it resolved quickly.
    #:I would like to help you, however, and ask a couple of things. To do this
    #:we will need additional information, including the Log file of your
    #:installation. Your computer, and operating system, creates a file that
    #:shows the progress of the installation of any program on a CD. Since you
    #:note that you have installed from a CD, I would like to review the file your
    #:system captured. The file can be found by the following process.
    #:1. Turn on logging by placing the KODAK EASYSHARE Software CD in the CD
    #:2. When the install auto starts, cancel the install.
    #:3. Click on Start and choose Run.
    #:4. Type 'command' and press enter.
    #:5. In the command window at the prompt type 'drive letter of CD-ROM drive':
    #:(ie. 'D:') and press enter.
    #:6. Type 'setup /DALL' and press enter, This will cause a log of all the
    #:successful steps of the install, to be created on the root directory of the
    #:C drive. It will be named logfile. (with no extension). Note: 'DALL' needs
    #:to be in capital letters.
    #:7. Complete as much of the install as possible, then send the c:\logfile as
    #:an attachment to . I am creating a case number for
    #:your, so include the case number in the subject field if it was provided to
    #:When a solution is found I will let you know, and we will post it within the
    #:EasyShare Support Center located at:
    #: Please visit this site to find a
    #:review of your experience with the Tricode issue. When on the site, select
    #:the link to FAQs and search using 'tricode' as the keyword.
    #:Talk to you soon, Fulgenico, I am quite sure we can resolve this issue and
    #:get you running in no time.
    #:Ron Baird
    #:Eastman Kodak Company

    Fulgencio, Feb 14, 2004
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