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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Paul, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    dennis meissner wrote:
    > ok... been putting up with this problem long enough.
    > Have an Asus P5W Deluxe DH mb with 2 embedded NICs running Vista Home
    > Premium cpu is a core-2 e6700
    > Every once in awhile I lose internet connectivity and so far have found
    > the only resolution is to reboot.
    > Tried both NICs and updated the Broadcom drivers same results.
    > Changed connections on my router (even bought a new router) same results.
    > Other pc's on my network have not problems (systems connected wired and
    > wirelessly)
    > oh... when I lose internet connectivity I can still renew my dhcp ip
    > address from the router.
    > Probably longterm not a huge deal.. I am going to build my new quad
    > extreme in next couple of weeks... but this system will become my
    > wife's and don't want to get her wrath.
    > any ideas?
    > thanks
    > Dennis

    According to the manual, it has a couple Marvell 88E8053 Ethernet chips on it.
    The Vista 32 bit driver is labeled "beta" on the download page and I don't know
    exactly what that is supposed to mean. This one is dated Jan 2009 on the
    download site, but in an INF it shows 09/19/2008, .

    You can also get Marvell drivers, from the insular Marvell directly.
    (Insular, because it is not possible to see what chips they sell, unless
    you "register" with the site.)

    Searching by the part number, the driver version is

    6/15/09 508,665 bytes
    Windows Vista and Server 2008 x86 Driver (32-bit) for Yukon Devices

    So you can try that driver if you want. The provided README describes
    how to install it (INF type install). If you don't like that driver
    for some reason, there will not be an Add/Remove entry. Don't panic.
    Check Device Manager for a "Driver Rollback" button. At least
    WinXP has one of those, and it allows undoing the last driver
    update if you wish. The undo level is only one level though.

    Before doing any of that, I would suspect a power management setting
    is a potential workaround. For some of these NICs, Device Manager has
    an extensive laundry list of settings, and one of them will offer
    to "turn off device when not in use" or the like. It could be the
    NIC is power saving, and isn't recovering properly later when it
    is needed, or when a packet arrives on the PHY interface. Check the Device
    Manager settings and see what you can find.

    OK, I have a different NIC, but it has a "Power Management" tab
    in the Device Manager entry for the NIC. The setting is

    "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

    I keep mine with the box next to that, unticked.

    Mine has an "Advanced" tab. In there, you can find things like
    Magic packet settings and the like. There is an "Adaptive Interrupt"
    setting and mine is Enabled. I think what that does, is allow
    multiple packets to be handled by a single interrupt, a form
    of interrupt mitigation. I think the idea is to issue fewer
    interrupts per second to the processor, so the computer
    is not bogged by unnecessary activity. You can try disabling
    that if you like, and perhaps then there'd be one interrupt
    per activity. It could be an interrupt is getting lost or

    I'd have a look in the Device Manager entry - I suspect the
    Marvell has way more stuff than my cheesy NIC.

    Also, are you using just one of the Ethernet interfaces ?

    Paul, Jul 16, 2009
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