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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Jeff Strickland, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. "John" <> wrote in message
    > Is it possible to transmit the internet from a desktop computer to a
    > laptop wirelessly? If so what do I need? Can I get a plug in USB thing
    > that will do it? And what if I want it to work when the desktop is
    > switched off?
    > The cable into the desktop comes from two floors above I think from a
    > wired adsl/router modem. Its an ethernet cable.
    > Thanks,
    > John

    What Alex said.

    Get a wireless router, I like Wireless N the best, and connect the existing
    ethernet cable into it. It will have 4 ports that are outputs, and one port
    that is an input -- conect the existing wire to the input. Connect a new
    ethernet cable to any of the four ports, and to the back of your PC. Your PC
    is now connected to the network as it always has been.

    Now, use the wireless adaptor that your laptop already has to connect to the

    You will want to secure your router with a password. This will require your
    laptop to connect after entering the password. It will also require any
    other machine that happens to see the router to figure out what the password
    is before they can get through your router.

    If you want to share printer that is connected to your PC, then you will
    need to create a Workgroup. There is a Wizard that does this for you easily.
    When your laptop is connected to the router, it will have visibility to
    shared files (if you select this option when you create the Workgroup) and
    to the printers (which is also an option when creating a Workgroup, but is
    the point of the drill here and therefore you will select the Shared Printer
    option) that are connected to your PC.

    If you are trying to do this within the confines of a business enterprise,
    you might want to check with the IT manager before you go adding stuff to
    his network. IT guys get a little pissy when you go around adding stuff to
    their stuff.
    Jeff Strickland, Feb 19, 2009
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