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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Jeff Strickland, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. You could uninstall the spyware checker, then edit the Registry and delete
    all instances where the spyware checker comes up.

    Those free spy scans will mess up the machine whether they are installed
    properly or not.

    "James D. Andrews" <> wrote in message
    > My mother in law brings me her laptop: Compaq Presairo V5000 w/Windows XP
    > Pro SP3. She had IE 7 running - well, not running. I'm already tired
    > when I take on this project.
    > Clicking to launch IE brought up the blank screen, then the message that
    > it had encountered a problem and had to shut down - and it did. On the
    > side, an error message RUNDLL -
    > C:\Progra~1\MYWEBS~1\bar\1.bin\M3PLUGIN.DLL The Specified Module Could
    > Not Be Found.
    > I learned that she just installed one of those CLICK HERE TO SCAN YOUR PC
    > (and in doing so loading your computer with lots of crap), a
    > Spyware/software suite, and a toolbar.
    > First thing, I try to do a Sys Restore but it won't restore. Hmmm.
    > I try looking in the directory for MyWebs, and find nada.
    > I removed the PC Scan program and all it's gazillion tucked here and there
    > parts. Problem still recurring.
    > I remove the Spyware/Software suite (because improperly set up, a spyware
    > program can mess up your browser, and it looks like she set it up wrong).
    > I was hoping this would resolve the problem. Still nothing.
    > I go into the Tools options and look for problems - I can't find any. At
    > this point, I can restore original settings, but that would nuke any
    > add-ins and other settings.
    > So, as a long shot, I upgrade her to IE 8 to see if the new installation
    > will clear the problem.
    > NOPE.
    > But I learn that if I don't double click, but rather, Right Click and
    > select Open without Add-ins, it will bring up the browser useable - but
    > without the add-ins. I try Managing Add-ins, but I can't see anything
    > that shouldn't be there.
    > I run virus scans and all that sort and all I can get is Open without
    > Add-ins.
    > So, I think some kind of Add-in is gunking up the works, and the browser
    > is limited.
    > I scour and scowl for quite some time.
    > Finally I just installed Firefox and it has no problems.
    > Is there a morale to this story?
    > Woof
    Jeff Strickland, Aug 5, 2009
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