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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Duane Arnold, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Duane Arnold

    Duane Arnold Guest

    David Maynard <> wrote:

    > I did not just 'disagree'.

    Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

    > I gave you what the other alternatives are and those kinds of decisions
    > are made every day in development meetings.

    Why do you ask what the other alternatives are?

    > You're faced with not only a 'feature' cost/benefit analysis but a
    > target price, hence cost, as well so that you are almost always faced with
    > deciding which features give the best return and the others, which might
    > still have a 'positive' effect, must be left out lest the price/cost
    > escalate beyond the target market.

    How do you know I am almost always faced with deciding which features give
    the best return and the others?

    > So while Netbeui might have a limited benefit (and I'm not saying there
    > is one) to a limited few under limited circumstances it doesn't rate
    > enough to be there.

    You most certainly are saying there is one.

    > And if you had sat in on their development meetings you'd probably find
    > a few hundred other 'features' that didn't make it either.

    Hmmm really? Only a little?

    > Netbeui is a no brainer.

    Classic pontification.

    > What does it do that the ones you MUST support don't?

    Why should I support do not, Maynard?

    > Nothing.

    Nothing at all?

    > Kill it.

    Have you ever killed anyone?

    > I know what 'point' you were trying to imply by the statement but that
    > has nothing to do with the characteristics of a competitive market and
    > that is what I was dealing with: your assertion of what a company 'would
    > do' in a competitive market.

    Everything I know fits into a 116kB database supported by 600k of AI code.

    > And for that discussion it not only doesn't matter whether Microsoft is
    > a 'monopoly', or not, it doesn't even matter whether it's Microsoft or
    > someone selling sandals.

    Classic hearsay.

    > Actually, being a 'monopoly' would make it easier for them to include
    > useless things like Netbeui whereas in a competitive market price
    > pressures would preclude such waste.

    Are you worried about money?

    > They didn't 'break' it, at least not intentionally.


    > They just don't 'support' it nor test to see if something broke it.

    Classic lack of specificity by someone who is humourless.

    > Nor do they intend to 'fix' it if something did.

    Tell me about your intentions.

    > And the reason is IT COSTS MONEY.

    If you need a reason, blame your parents.

    > I was not aware they had changed their charter to 'non profit'.


    > My arguments are not only valid but anyone with any experience at all in
    > software development/support is well aware of what 'support' means and the
    > costs involved.

    Why do you ask what 'support' means?

    > If you want to argue that they should toss money down the toilet so
    > someone can have Netbeui then *say* so instead of hiding it behind a false
    > claim that support is 'free'.

    What do you want from life?

    > That's not what being a "business" means and the stock holders likely
    > have a different opinion than yours about loosing money on the deal.

    You seem frustrated.

    > "It" is a completely different topic than what "support" means.

    Are you trying to please an imaginary crowd?
    Duane Arnold, Jul 6, 2005
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