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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Regis, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Regis

    Regis Guest

    ~BD~ <> writes:

    > FYI
    > All my old data files were recently moved onto my external hard drive
    > -
    > by feeding CD's, which I've made over many years, into my iMac and
    > then files saved in bulk to my MacBook (Western Digital).
    > Because I've always understood that a 'virus' (in the loosest possible
    > term) was unlikely to affect my OS X machine, I've not been too
    > bothered about 'safety', but I did reconsider recently. ;)
    > So I've installed ClamAv - and run comprehensive scans both on my iMac
    > itself and also, in particular, on my external drive (MacBook) .
    > Here's a shot of part of what was found in my first scan:

    Looks like your old data simply included email folders that had the
    usual holiday greeting trojans in them.

    The effects of those on a PC, safely still in an email file not being
    clicked upon from inside the mail program and being launched as
    executables... would be nil. The effects of those sitting on an email
    file on a mac where you probably couldn't even read the email data
    file, would be _really_ nil.

    The reest of the alerts looked like phishing emails, the equivalent of
    the AV saying "hey look, you got some spam." Threat also nil.

    I don't see anything there remotely unusual or concerning.
    Regis, Jan 21, 2010
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