Re: IE6 won't use wireless card [was XP wireless not working]

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Pavel A., May 14, 2008.

  1. Pavel A.

    Pavel A. Guest

    Have checked your proxy settings?
    Other options on the Connections tab?
    Note that all wi-fi connections go under the "LAN" category in Connections.


    "George Neuner" <gneuner2/@/> wrote in message
    > Thanks to everyone who responded to the last thread. I finally
    > discovered that the Netgear Super-G card was intermittently failing
    > and probably just happened to work when I tried it in another
    > computer.
    > I replaced the failing card with a new one, but now I have a new
    > problem. IE6 refuses to work with the card unless my office VPN is
    > active. I tried asking in IE6 specific forums, but after a few days
    > I've gotten no useful answers so I thought I'd try here.
    > The situation is this: my office laptop has built-in 11b radio, but at
    > home I have a Netgear Super-G network so I use a WG511T card instead.
    > The laptop also has a Cisco VPN set up by office IT. Normally, I
    > should be able to use either radio, use my own network with the VPN
    > disabled (and IE proxy settings disabled) and then connect the VPN to
    > use my office network. This is the way I used my old Netgear card and
    > it still works the same with the built-in 11b radio.
    > However, with the new Netgear card, IE6 won't work unless the VPN is
    > connected. When the VPN is disabled, all I get is "can't display page
    > - can't find server or DNS error" regardless of proxy settings. I get
    > the same error even if I type the server's address manually so it
    > seems like IE6 isn't even trying.
    > Other net apps (Outlook, ftp, ping, trace, nslookup) are working
    > normally regardless of the VPN - when VPN is connected they route
    > through my office, otherwise they route through my home network and
    > ISP. Only IE6 demands the VPN be active.
    > I can't find any settings different between the connection using the
    > new card and the one using the built-in radio - both are configured
    > through DHCP from my router and the settings all appear to be correct.
    > Naturally the routing tables all change when the VPN is active. All
    > the IE6 settings appear to be the same regardless of connection. I've
    > tried uninstalling/reinstalling the Netgear card, flushing the DNS and
    > browser caches when the card is in use, enabling/disabling the IE6
    > proxy settings, etc. Nothing has worked. IE6 seems to be completely
    > ignoring the proxy settings and just expecting the VPN all the time.
    > There don't seem to be any settings for specific connections or
    > devices in the Cisco VPN - it seems to just take over everything when
    > it's active.
    > I don't have any way of reinstalling IE6 (or anything else). Is there
    > something I can check in the registry or in some setup file(s)? Any
    > other thoughts or suggestions? At this point I'm completely baffled.
    > George
    > --
    > for email reply remove "/" from address
    Pavel A., May 14, 2008
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  2. Pavel A.

    seaweedsl Guest

    On May 14, 5:18 am, "Pavel A." <> wrote:
    > Have checked your proxy settings?
    > Other options on the Connections tab?
    > Note that all wi-fi connections go under the "LAN" category in Connections.

    Yes, this is the obvious thing to check first; in IE6 go to
    tools>Internet options >Connections>LAN and make sure proxy is off and
    it detects the network automatically.
    seaweedsl, May 14, 2008
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