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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by oj, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. oj

    oj Guest

    > > > > >
    > > > >
    > > > > The link above talks about business related identity thefts but what should a person do
    > > > > when his identity was stolen by a criminal online, for the purpose of causing personal
    > > > > damage to that person?
    > > >
    > > > I would guess that the case is one that is about some psychopath online, playing games
    > > > with others' lives. That's the perfect definition of Judas in the bible. I am not religious,
    > > > but I just happened to read that sentence once about Judas, who is evil, and he likes to
    > > > play with people's lives.

    > >
    > > Judas was an identity theft monster. I am just making things up as I go. Jesus was described
    > > generally as a person who is good at all professions. He finds his place easily at any job, and
    > > he does very well. That's a Catholic thing. But, you know, Jesus does the work honestly,
    > > and Judas does it though identity theft. He claims copyrights for works, which he does not
    > > have. This is about theft. Some sort of theft.

    > I might say that Google does just that these days, copyright thefts, privacy related thefts,
    > taking advantage of nationalistic patrinage, and what is happening is of a real biblical proportions,
    > taking place, right here on usenet. But that's just a speculation, just because I claim I understand
    > the things that are going on, I cannot expect anyone, not even my parents with a Ph.D. to say
    > they understand a single word I write about. Something is ridiculous when one brings up
    > biblical evil, and that kind of topics in public, not to mention, I am not even religious myself.
    > Almost forgot. Identity theft. Somebody tries to teach you a lesson online. Takes your name
    > and makes a psychotic terror about it, uses it, posts with it, as a psycho. I don't think in my case
    > the joke worked, its just torture, because I stand as a human being and I have no other choice
    > but stand as that: human. I stand here in Abu Graib, as a human being.
    > I am being torn apart as a human being, my soul, my life, because I say I stand here as a human
    > being. So anyway, I am pretty destroyed, I don't even want to read what people have the
    > face to reply with. Its incredible how monsters people are who reply to me.
    > Ok. Identity theft for the purpose of Abu Graibing someone online. That's my was of speaking.
    > What should I do? I live in terror here. But I will make justice.

    Abu Graib. I feel like being in Abu Graib.

    What happened to me is too criminal, and it cannot be just put aside. Real terror was made to
    my life, so I'd like to make justice. I cannot tell the sick fucks in most newsgroups to watch their
    psychotic mouths. But I can do something about the identity theft. Wouldn't you do something?
    oj, Oct 20, 2005
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