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Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by Mike Brown, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. Mike Brown

    Mike Brown Guest

    do NOT go to ITT Tech for an AA. It is an expensive school and I regret
    every moment and dollar I spent going there. The credits are not
    transferable to a normal community college or 4 year university.

    Right now im in a position where I am having to start over in my BS degree
    at a community college and the only good my AS I got from ITT right now for
    me is to put on my resume. I also am to the point where I don't have any
    certifications either and im just starting to figure out if I want to go for
    the MCSE 2003 or stick with the MCSE 2000.

    I personally would buy the study material and read whatever you can on web
    sites, help files ect and anything else you can think of to give you
    practical knowledge on everything.

    Also, some other tips I haven't tried yet but was thinking of trying is use
    a study method called mind maps or concept maps. Look it up on google and
    you should find plenty of resources on it. If you have friends in the IT
    field have them think of issues for you to solve and of course play with the
    software yourself, setup a small network in your home even if the clients
    are old Pentiums and the host is whatever else you can scrap up. lastly, if
    you have said friend close to you, have him do something to your network and
    try to fix it. All of that should give you some good experience that you
    need not only for the MCSE test but for the employer that hires you for your

    "Adam" <> wrote in message
    > I'm two years out of high school and I've been working for
    > a loan company doing general IT stuff for the last year
    > and a half. I don't have any certifications yet but have
    > a lot of knowledge regarding networking and computers.--My
    > question is should I go to ITT Tech and take two years
    > getting their AA in networking, and then pursue
    > certifications? Or should I just put all my energy into
    > getting certifications?--
    > Also if i choose to focus on certifications how should I
    > go about this? I've called a couple of training places
    > and for like $2000 i can go to a week long cram session.
    > Since I'm financing this myself would it be too difficult
    > to just read the books and go through the exercises on my
    > own home computer that has 2003 server on it?
    > Any advice or tips would be very much appreciated.
    > Adam
    Mike Brown, Nov 2, 2003
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